Rs. 9.4 million breakfast bill cooked up story

ExteriorThe office of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa says the allegation that Rajapaksa and his family had ordered breakfast for over Rs. 9.4 million from a Colombo five star hotel and not paid the bill, is false.

Former UNP parliamentarian Nalin Bandara had said at a press conference yesterday that the Rajapaksa family had ordered breakfast for over Rs. 9.4 million from The Hilton Hotel and not paid the bill.

This was supposed to be the cost incurred for a single family meal. He had produced a document from the Hilton Hotel to prove the allegation and wanted to know why public funds had been spent on a family breakfast.

Rajapaksa’s office said that the document Bandara had produced was a pro-forma invoice dated 11 November 2013 to provide breakfast for 1400 guests at the rate of Rs. 5,200 per head during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) opening ceremony at the Nelum Pokuna on 15 November 2013.

The total bill with the service charge and taxes amounts to over Rs. 9.4 million. The CHOGM 2013 opening ceremony was attended by Prince Charles and the heads of state or government of 53 nations.

“This was not a Rajapaksa family breakfast,”  Rohan Welivita, Media Coordinating Secretary to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa said.

He said that it would be obvious to any rational person that Rs. 9.4 million could not possibly have been incurred on a family breakfast and that this is very similar to the highly exaggerated allegations heard during the last presidential election.

Rajapaksa’s office said that some quarters are trying to win the upcoming parliamentary election through false propaganda – the same way they won the January presidential election. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Chandrika used Rs 375 million of Presidential fund for her personal benefits, but no complain was made.

  2. These fools should also expelled from UNP under Yahapalanaya, in addition to corrupted past MPs. Very dishonest to try to fool general public with stupid, dump stories, he himself will become one of those corrupted in the future.

  3. Hon. MR Please retire from active politics, we voters are fools for ever and we will elect another bunch of looters next time.

    • If by any chance you had died of a bomb during the war period, a man named Rohana would not survived to comment like this. We call them ungrateful bastards.

  4. Even a moron can say that this is a false allegation, no wonder the country is in a mess. The finance minister has brought the country down to its last rupee. Mahendran is a crook of the highest calibre and Ranil will do anything to keep his position, Mangala is busy travelling the world on the taxpayers money. So now who are the crooks. MR or the ruling party.

  5. These are just meagre values compared to staggering allegation made by the UNP before the 2015 presidential election.

    Just don’t make baseless accusations without proving the bigger fraus accused by you!

  6. Although corruption and family favour allegations are high, this news is a fabrication. UNP politicians are trying what ever possible to make MR unpopular in order to win Elections.

    • Family favour is not new to this government under good governance. Maithreepala’s own brother is the chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom earning a salary of million for a month. His son-in-law is the coordinator of all forces and these appointments do not come under nepotism. How’s that?

    • Yes. Bandara is son of One donkey. Of je has a human
      Farther, he will understand the Bill . Donkey can Not traf or
      Know the methamatic .

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