TNA rejects nominations for Anandi

ananthi1The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has rejected nominations for TNA Provincial Council member Anandi Saseetharan to contest the August 17 Parliament elections.

Saseetharan had requested nominations to contest and enter Parliament but the TNA had today rejected that request.

The TNA had noted that Saseetharan has already been given several privileges by the party and so a policy decision was taken not to give her nominations.

Meanwhile, TNA Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran said that the TNA hopes to secure at least 20 seats in Parliament through the August election.

At a meeting held in Vavuniya today, the TNA decided to handover nomination papers for its candidates contesting the election from the North and East on Friday. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. she should do better job for north tamil through province counsil first. then she can think about central govt. still she is a baby in politics.

  2. As an orator Sumathiran is bollocks just fit for buffaloes.

    So she did not listen to him and read out a paper at UNHCR sessions which was well received by western public.
    Now the west is full of women holding positions that matter and also at TN so he wants to destroy any opposition to him being the undisputed by deceit.

    All lawyers are parasites and Vasu was his mentor from childhood- enough said.

    He would achieve nothing for the public (like C. Kumarasuriya)while his personal wealth would increase. We have seen Chery Blair make money for generations.

  3. now it is possible get durable solution with TNA for north and east matter due to their act. in the same time they must stop north chief minister having second terms and senior TNA Politian must select the position in order to better serve people with in undivided country and used resources from the central government.

    • “” get durable solution”
      The truth is, all are racists, just of different sorts.
      It’s time people wake up and see that the old game was just a charade.

      The people would not succeed because the Sinhalese, Muslims Tamil leaders have such different lifestyles and their politics is communally-based, on race and religion.

      If they admit it they would have to bite the dust.

  4. If Ms. Annthi Sasikaran really wants to assissit the Tamil society and the country, she first learn to respect the long standing leaders, and also respect the well qualified and experienced politicians.
    The party has given her a position and she should remain and serve her people, as it was done by so many others.
    She should just expect a MP post because her husband was killed in the war, as in the case of several thousands of others.

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