Sanath resigns from SLFP organiser post

SanathFormer Parliamentarian Sanath Jayasuriya today announced that he had resigned as Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Matara District organiser.

Jayasuriya said that he will also not be contesting the August 17 Parliament elections. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Good luck Sanna!. This is good example for Arjuna who is greedy for power and incapable to be a politician. Arjuna won cricket games because he had good players in the team but he cannot apply this theory to politics. Arjuna and his foul mouth should not be in parliament.

    • Dear Duleep,

      I agree with you about Sanath – nice chap, but he didn’t really understand politics.

      However, permit me to totally disagree with you about Arjuna. He comes from a family which has long been in politics, and every recent statement he has made shows that he understands the complexities of the multifarious situations that that have been coming up during the last year.

      Ultimately, the fact is that our comments say more about our way of regarding what is happening than about how these retired cricketers are faring in public life.

      • Anura Bandaranayaka had both parents prime ministers but he failed in politics. Heredity does not work always.

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