UNP says it will not accuse the President

Pelisge_HarrisonThe United National Party (UNP) says it will not accuse President Maithripala Sirisena over the nomination issue involving former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Former UNP MP P. Harrison said that the UNP had reached an agreement with President Maithripala Sirisena ahead of the January 8 Presidential election and worked with him to meet the expectations of the people.

He said that the President had promised to establish good governance and he had begun that process by getting support for the 19th Amendment to the constitution.

“He have his full support to establish good governance and that is what we expected from him,” Harrison told reporters today.

The former UNP MP also noted that the President had made every effort to obtain support for the 20th Amendment to the constitution but that attempt eventually faced some obstacles.

“We have no issues with the President since he met most of the expectations of the people,” Harrison said.

Harrison also said that the UNP does not see Mahinda Rajapaksa as a challenge at the August 17 Parliament election as he has already been rejected by the people. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. “He said that the President had promised to establish good governance” -Former UNP MP P. Harrison.

    Good Governance accepting Rajapakse a bad person whom the President had declared, and if you believe this you will believe anything. He must be in cuckoo land.

  2. UNP has no business to accuse President as it was an internal matter in the SLFP.
    P.Harrison should mind his own business closer to the UNP instead of pretending to be a good samaritan.

    Laksiri, to know dirty people, you should have seen CBK when she was occupying the President’s House. What worse could it have got when the dusk set in each day. That dignity and respect you mention here were alien to the SL English dictionary.
    If sarath Silva you called dirty, wonder what you would have called the Lady then (1994-2005) ?
    If you call out nation dirty, wonder what you would call first world Nation’s certain leading statemens ???

    Independent thinking and Confidence of the UNP are a mere fallacy. It surmounts to just words with no substance. This is called temporary satisfaction.
    There is nothing for us to welcome.
    This will last only untill 17/Aug., and thereafter will wither & look for scapegoats.

  3. we have never seen dirty people like former chief justice silva and many more animal in the world like this country. current president must remove his while cloth and go back to his village before people do it if he has any human dignity and respect. we being the citizen of this dirty nation ,really embarrassing to call we are sri Lankan.

  4. By saying all these things, they trying to convince them self because there is no any other alternative.

    • Hi Perera,

      Be positive, it is time for all of us to welcome and accept such encouraging comments.

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