Mahinda says Lanka not a threat to India

MahindaFormer President Mahinda Rajapaksa says Sri Lanka will never pose a threat to India, and that it has nothing to gain by helping any other country to become a threat to India.

In an interview to the former President said that Sri Lanka has always had close relations with China from the early 1950s onwards and that India’s concern about Sri Lanka’s relations with China is a new phenomenon which has come about in the past few years in the context of the rivalry between India and China as the world’s rising superpowers in Asia.

“We need to maintain good relations with both India and China. Sri Lanka will never pose a threat to India, and we have nothing to gain by helping any other country to become a threat to India,” he said.

Rajapaksa said that his Government was too absorbed with domestic issues such as the war against terrorism and development to play a role in international affairs.

In the future, Rajapaksa says, he hopes to do what he can to be a bridge between India and China, two rising superpowers. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What about the other issues? People didn’t vote for you for the other reasons too. Can you please come up with clean hands on the other issues as well? If you don’t, you will lose again. Don’t think you will win because you have a nomination to contest an election. Stop blaming the foreign powers, but deal with your dirty laundry.

  2. I disagreed with MR stamen of that, we Sri Lankan is never -ever threaten to India.

    Indian has been bully People of Sri lanka, since that during Pro -US policy adopted by1977, UNP -JRJ, R.Permadas and Ranil Wickramsinghe’s foreign policies. UNP who created anti-Indian policy during their 17 years rule.

    Well, ING ( Indian national congress) led by Indira and Rajive Gandi policy of support for Tamil LTTE terrorist politics has been which that, undermined ours national sovereignty and Territorial Integrity as well as Democracy of Island

    Indeed current UNP leadership want US military base or naval base in Sri lanka. That may be conflict interest with Indian with security and stability.

    But China has not single soldier in our soil.
    We don’t want any big power used our land for superpower rivals .

    That politics is no longer work and is not the vested interest of People Of Sri Lankan.

    • Sri Lanka has never and ever been a threat to India. But for reasons only India knows, they, India are a threat to Sri Lanka like they are to their bordering neighbours.
      It is always in the best interest of the Sri Lanka to keep
      India as far away as possible.

      Even the Gods agree on this and they created Palk Strait to keep Sri Lanka away from India.

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