JHU quits from UPFA, forms new coalition

ChampikaThe Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) today announced that it had quit from the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) and that it had formed a new coalition.

JHU General Secretary and former Minister Champika Ranawaka said that his party played a key role to help Maithripala Sirisena win the January 8 Presidential elections.

He said the JHU had consistently pushed for the powers of the President to be reduced and this was achieved following the January election through the 19th Amendment to the constitution submitted to Parliament by President Sirisena which was eventually made law.

During the Presidential election campaign President Sirisena and the political parties which supported him had pushed for good governance.

Ranawaka said that now the JHU had decided to withdraw from the UPFA and form a coalition with the aim of taking forward good governance.

He said the JHU does not feel the two main political parties, the UPFA and the United National Party, can take good governance forward.

The former Minister said that the JHU has invited other political parties who back good governance to join the new coalition of the JHU.

“Let us join hands and take forward the revolution. We invite all political parties and others to use this opportunity,” he said.

Champika Ranawaka said that the JHU is having talks with several political parties on joining the new coalition of the JHU.

Asked about the UPFA giving nominations to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Ranawaka said that it was upto the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, the main constituent party of the UPFA to decide on Rajapaksa’s nomination and later for the people to decide at the election. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Lillput, your assumptions are based on MR only. This is not a Presidential Election and remember this is Parliamentary Elections and this is entirely a different ball game. UDFA thieves don’t have the guts to face the public themselves alone without MR. They need MR as a poster boy to move into their electorates to beg for votes in the name of MR. People are fed up with these UDFA thieves for the last ten years and they have seen how curropt these MP’s are. People are not going to send these thieves back to parliament again. MR is obsessed with few thousand people who surround him in public arranged by his cronies and henchmen. It was not something new. Even during Presidential elections it was more than this. Like MR got Carried away with astrology for January elections now he’s is carried away by the people who surround him. Further MR is not in power so his ministers and henchmen cannot use government machinery to rig the ballot boxes. Like the presidential election the people are after change in parliament elections too and do not want to see MR’s gang of thieves, drug dealers, ethonal importers, murderers, extortionist, rapist, his family back in parliament.

  2. JHU left UPFA already before Presidential Election so this is no news.With Yahapalana factions pulling in different directions leave UP with about 40 lakhs of those 62 lakhs received in January. With Mahinda in UPFA they will rout this Yahapalana gang hands down. Soon these so-called Civil Societies and NGO dollar kakkas which ganged up under Yahapanaya banner will be exposed.

    There are indications Arjuna, Hirunika, MDKS and Duminda also will leave UPFA. If they don’t they should not be given nominations. Shameless Rajitha is trying to cling on to UPFA but this opportunist should be chased away.

    Sira had no choice but to grant nominations for Mahinda. If SLFP had split Sira would be left with 5-6 MPs with UNP in govt. UNP would have made Sira rubber stamp President. So he had no choice…this is called REALPOLITIK.

    • In other words we can look forward to to the same thugs and criminals, drug dealers, rapists, murderers in the future government, worse than the previous government under MR presidency.

      Yahapalanaya will become Yakapalanaya an the people who will cast their votes for these contestants
      will be the ones who will pay dearly for this.

      The best solution will be to refrain from voting as a form of protest because none of these contestants are fit to represent the people in the parliament, Okkoma Horu.

    • You are absolutely right. Sira, the gutter mouthed Rajitha and Champika are getting what they deserved. That gutter mouthed one is the worst out of all. Someone should file a court case against JHU for using a name that does not in any way demonstrate what it stands for.

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