Azath Salley to contest Parliament polls

Azath SalleyMuslim Tamil National Alliance (MTNA) leader Azath Salley says he will be contesting the Parliament elections from the Kandy District.

Speaking to reporters in Kandy today after meeting the Chief Prelates of the Asgiriya and Malwattu chapters, Salley said that he will contest the election either with the UNP or as an independent candidate.

Salley said that the people of Kandy have requested him to contest the election from Kandy and represent the people of Kandy in Parliament.

He also said that at talks held with UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe he was told that the UNP had proposed that only two Muslims contest in Kandy on behalf of the UNP.

Salley said that the UNP had in the past fielded more Muslim candidates from Kandy but now that number is being reduced.

He also accused the UNP of attempting to reduce the overall number of Muslim candidates contesting future elections from the party.

“This is taking a racial twist. We must stop this,” Salley asserted.

Salley said that if the UNP fails to give him nominations to contest the August 17 election, he will contest as an independent candidate in order to keep his promise to the people of Kandy. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. We need people like Azaath Sally in parliament. He always think of community and other human beings. It is difficult to win as an independent candidate. It is easier to win with UNP. The UNP should consider his sacrifice.

  2. WHEN one day Asad Sally and other jihadist radicals homogenized SL boy converting others to their violent jihadist ideology, will THERE BE ANY DEMOCRACY…? WILL OTHER BE ABLE TO CONTEST LIKE HE DOES ??

  3. contest as not part of a gay party or for a gay leader, in islam it is haram to even vote for a gay.

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