President insists he will not reverse revolution

04President Maithripala Sirisena today insisted that he will not reverse the silent revolution which took place on January 8 during the Presidential elections.

Speaking at the launch of the construction work on the Southern expressway linking Matara and Hambantota today, Sirisena said that he takes decisions in a manner to ensure the January 8 revolution is protected.

Sirisena noted that he has years of experience as a politician and when he takes decisions he uses that experience.

The President also noted that there needs to be a clear policy on development in the country.

He said that in most countries, even if there is a change of Government, the policies on development do not change.

“Following the January 8 election it is clear our country is looked at in a different manner when compared to pre-January 8. All the countries who gave us assistance are continuing to assist us without suspicion,” he said.

The President noted that China is a very close friend of Sri Lanka and both countries enjoy historic ties.

He said that Sri Lanka has a lot of respect for China since that country has been assisting Sri Lanka’s development work.

The President said that the new Government will continue to work with China and look to further strengthen ties between both countries. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sirisena showed he is fair to everyone including Rajapksa. Why we complain? It is up to people to decide whether Rajapaksa is good enough to win again.

  2. Konda Pana Nathi Maithripala will not reverse the revolution, but saying Sadu Sadu Sadu to Mahinda Rajapakse he has toppled the revolution and has betrayed all those who supported him. Maithripala has no BACKBONE!

  3. Maithripala Sirisena has betrayed 6.2 million Sri Lankans. He has to pay a price for this sin.
    When Mahinda Rajapakse becomes the prime minister, Maithri will be the first person to go to jail
    Dr M.L.Najimudeen

  4. In the presidential Election the people voted out Mahinda ,because of large scale corruption , Nepotism, the family controlling about 70 percent of the budget, frequent trips by MA with his wife,sons, etc all at the expense of the Tax Payer.If he is nominated to contest even as an ordinary MP, President Srisena will lose the respect of all who supported him , and retire from Politics with Shamee.

    • C Aruna
      Shame is a word some thing that not been associated or understood by majority of Sri Lankan politicians for few decades. Words that closely associated are corrupt, turncoats, drug smugglers, thieves, liars, murderess to name few.

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