Maithripala expected to make another u-turn

Maithripala SirisenaPresident Maithripala Sirisena is expected to make another U-turn with regards to the decision on giving former President Mahinda Rajapaksa nominations to contest the Parliament elections.

An official in the President’s office, who was to resign over Sirisena’s decision to give Rajapaksa nominations, had later held back his resignation after receiving an assurance that Sirisena may make another u-turn.

Sirisena had already this week announced he will not be giving nominations to Rajapaksa but later yesterday the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) said the President had agreed to give the former President nominations.

However now, sources say the President is expected to reverse that decision following pressure from several Sri Lanka Freedom Party members and those who helped him win the January 8 Presidential election.

Several United National Party members also said they still had faith in President Sirisena and do not expect Rajapaksa to be formally given nominations for the August 17 election. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I hope I am proved wrong; Maithri is a spineless person and not a person to lead. He never really won the elections, it was Rajapakse narrowly lost the elections and that is the truth. Maithri had lot of anti-Rajapakse votes and was the reason he won and he did not much pro Maithri votes. Whatever Mahinder Rajapakse got was pure solid pro votes. Mahinder was a true leader and he led from the front he had a vision but he was very cruel, vindictive, and made lot of money and those were the reasons for his undoing.

  2. You can not under estmate MS. He rose against MR and how can he give a seat to contest under his leadership. He is buying time, Last minute he will break the UPF and contest under SLFP symbol alone. There is a need for that, because Ranil needs to become PM and SLFP votes to be spread out, all these Vasu, Karuna and crime doers should leave out of political stream. Need to lead the country with Honest people so he needs Ranil.SLFP can be in the oppoisiton for some time .

  3. In the history of parlimentry politics in Sri Lanka the Sri Lankan voters have not made a mistake in terms of who was the right leader to take the country forward at the right time.That was why Rajapakshe had to go and Maithriee came in. In that sense Maithree has a binding responsibility to the voters to up hold the will of the people and take the country forward. Not play politics to the tune of Rajapaksha bandwagon.

  4. Keep in mind. MARA has more money than the government. If he gets in to the parliament, that place will be a havoc. He will never stop until he become a PM. Once he achieved that, check mate for president. King dies for what ever reason. Accident, lone gun man, poisoned and etc: MARA become king again. He is a Hippocrates. Before the Presidential election he visited all the Hindu temples as devout Hindu. Now the real Buddhist. And the ignorant 58 million still trust him. This country never prosper.

  5. Convert to Muslim, can marry 4 Sinhalese Girls and Sri Lanka Muslims are Saints, not a single commission for them.

  6. All the Sinhalese should converted to Muslim now, because there is not a single commission for them and they are saint, more over if you become Muslim you can marry Sinhalese girls.

  7. Everybody should think about the country.
    Now Sirisena has the main responsibility to Portect.
    Please do not ask Mahinda to come back.
    Then it wiill devide the country.It is not good for MR also.Sirisena should govern the country for this five year
    Period with the present government.
    We hope it is good for the country .

  8. Madmulana and his friends are lying and you people keep on supporting that. You dumb fks. Colombo Gazette is another dumb paper who is reporting BS. I will never read this paper again. Same lying bastards tied peolpe to ress and they had to tell they tied themselves. The monk got attacked and he had to tell he attacked him self. Maithri will not give nominations. Are you clear?

  9. MR and alliance were potentially democratic that they seemed more Sri Lankan than MS, UNP and CBK of Pro- US & Indian.
    MR and alliance that they noting more radical or revolutionary than reform of Democracy is concern.

    MR alliance would go their vigorously independent and nationalist way rather than the USA & Indian hegemony. These were brave ,wise honest and admirable leader’s trying to puzzle out of the truth in foreign murky circumstance betray by MS junta.

  10. Why people are acting like this country has only Mahinda and Ranil? Those two leaders aren’t going to create leaders; if they do they will be unemployed. Therefore, the country must wake up and create a leader.

  11. Yahapalanaya tried their very best to send some UPFA politicians to remand prison for life but their attempt went astray. Different tactics were employed to spoil the minds of people, but they couldn’t prove anything yet. What happened to Wele Suda, who paid Water, Electricity and Telephone Bills of the UNP Kade “Sirikotha”? UNP can’t deny this because some of them deeply, up to their neck, involved in Wele Suda’s activities. Even Ranil. They robbed the central bank under day-light. We must chase the rotten Ranil and the puppets.

  12. I am no astrologer but I can predict the country is going to go downhill, I am glad that I don’t live in sri lanka but I feel under the UNP, the country is going to be divided and it will be too late for this ruling party are the stooges of the West especially the US who would like this island to be in disarray like what they did in the middle east. anytime I would turn to the Chinese who are not interested in the politics of the country but only interested in making money.

  13. Dear President…Don’t BETRAY the voters who brought you to power with great threats to their lives and amidst all difficulties. UNP ers could be always your loving friend but MR and company ???????????can you ever dream they would support you. You should always be our great president!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sirisena is a cunning person.He beat Mahinda in that sense.He lay low when he was sidelined and even went along with some unsavoury MR proposals just to survive until the time came to act against Mahinda. In a master stroke unexpectedly he unseated MR. Now he needs to keep SLFP intact. Read well what he says. He has been saying that nobody will be declared PM candidate but elected from the vote of the MPs of the winning party. So also said that no nominations for corrupt people. That leaves all MR supporting SLFP ex MPs and candidates out. The outcome will be MR will be in the parliament but not his crooked gang to vote for him as PM. All who supported Sirisena will be in there and they will vote Nimal Siripala for PM.
      In the event the UNP wins things will be easier for him to appoint the PM. This is his other master stroke!

  14. I knew this would happen, unfortunately Sirisena is a puppet on a string pulled in all directions by the UNP, and SLFP. We need a man with a backbone and that is MR.

  15. how could cheaters can be face mahinda siripal you are the shameless human been is it possible that man ho gave this land a Freedom can contest from SLSP.
    what is your main aim or ideology behind mega deals with pro LTTE groups along with UNP are you going to withdraw all militery camps from north will you be able to face those sinhales whom that vote you.

  16. This will be the joke of the century. a man who claims country is in danger and econamy at standstill want to contest from the party where president is elected. IF MR wanted to save the country he should contest against MS.this clearly shows his intentions want to rob and more rob country;s wealth.will meet you on 17th august by 18th you will see where you stand.

    • M. O Daya is MODAYA but his comment is xcellent and 100% correct. now we know what MR is upto?

  17. i thought that ms was going to Keep Thieves, Thugs And murderers out of Future politics.
    I certainly Hope that My Hopes are Not in Vain.
    We Need Education gentlemen with Honor and Integrität.
    Dr Bulldog

  18. You have no right to take decisions on behalf PA ,the majority of the party should take the decision ,however ,I do not agree that you will be such reckless to reverse the decision . You must remember what you are paying is what you done to the party and country in general ,so you have to take more pains and hurts than this to correct the mistake you done to the nation.

  19. If this goes on he will forget what his stand on MR on his last turn. All these dramas shows one thing, shows how weak his leadership is. Not strong enough to make a strong firm decision.

  20. The trust on Maithripala Sirisiena had gone. He is also another ordinary politician. No wonder why he didn’t take any action against corrupted Rajapakshe family and recovered a single rupee.
    May Lord save Maithripala from prison
    Dr M.L.Najimudeen

    • Dr M.L.Najimudeen, I agree totally with you. Maithripala Sirisena had let down everyone. All his stunts were to capture power when he walked out of MR accusing him of very serious wrong doings. These were merely a drama to cheat everyone including MR when he walked out from MR to contest against him. What we saw was only a mirage. Everyone is corrupt including Maithripala Sirisena. How can he have a clean Government when he had given the nomination to a person he accused of serious wrong doings including a coup attempt to stay in power after his defeat? We people have been let down so the politicians can have all the cake. In that case what wrong did MR do for him to make such a big hue and cry? I think Maithripala should resign. He never did anything he promised and 100 days are long finished. Only thing he achieved was to cheat the people, including his boss MR and capture power.

  21. මෙකට මෙහෙම ගිහින් මතකත් නැතුව ඇති අන්තිමට ටඅන් එකෙදි මහින් දට කැමති වෙලාද අකමැතිවෙලාද හිටියෙ කියල​.. all these drama shows one thing, it shows how weak his leadership is, not strong enough to make a decision

  22. I’m heartbroken that the man whom I trusted more than anyone in this world has gone on to show that after all he’s of the same mould. Don’t know how many more feel the same way as I do

  23. Sirisena has to see the long term effect not shortsighted comments from CHandrika or Arjuna. If SLFP split and Rajapksa start a new party, all the blame will go to him. Why all Tamil Diaspora people wants one thing, it is to stop Rajapaksa coming back. They know they can cheat and they have cheated everyone except Rajapaksa. Most of comments in public forums are from these Tamil Diaspora using Sinhalese names, so Sirisena did the right thing and stopped the splitting of party.In a democratic country people should decide who is in the parliament, not one person due to influence. Tamil tigers also can contest and no objection for it, then why not Rajapaksa?

    • “Tamil Diaspora using Sinhalese names”

      It seems you lost your mind when MR lost…….sad

    • Shameless Maithripala if you say he gave nominations to Mahinda Rajapakse because he did not want to split the party. Come on man are in deep coma. Maithri had already split the party when he went against his boss and contested against him. There is now nothing to think innocently he did not want to split the party! If he was so concerned about the party he should have remained without leaving MR.

      Now we know the person Maithri. He had been cheating people (including his former boss MR) all along. He just wanted power blaming MR as power hungry. The kettle calling the pot black. He split the party then when he left and joined with other coalition parties including the UNP. There is nothing to feel sorry for his party now. It is only a PR exercise to fool the people.

      MR is real crook, but he was a man who led from the front. Compare Maithri. Looking back he too did not do things fair and straight and he too cheated on his Boss MR for which MR is very bitter about him and he also cheated all the people who voted for him. So Maithri cannot be called honest. He too was power hungry but he cheated people by pretending and putting an innocent face to the public. He does not have a backbone. He is not a leader who led from the back.

      Remember Maithri did not win the Presidential elections because he had majority support. He won because of the unprecedented hate votes MR had. So Maithri won not because of the pro Maithri vote but6 an anti MR vote. But whatever votes MR got were a pro MR vote. So in a way MR should be the leader as water seeks its own level and the honey moon period is over for My3 and he cannot deliver and better hand back the reins to MR.

      If he would have thought of not splitting the party he should have thought about it before he contested against MR and not now, this belated wisdom does not work; he only cheats the people and makes them looks fools.

  24. Mr YOu have bitrayed the entire 6.2 million who voted for you,it looks as if you don’t care a damn of the people who voted for you
    Please don’t expect the entire UNP group to come to your assistance when you desparately need them
    Beleive me sir you will need them years to come,we will remember you then

    • First and foremost an effective leader need courage to stay the course – “even if the mountains tumble and fall and the earth be done away with” steadfastness to the word given is the foremost character of a leader. MS – you have failed to show leadership by either keeping quiet while some of the goons in UPFA utter words as your proxy. Keep to your words if not don’t utter them. Trust is hard to earn but is quick to loose because of indecisiveness!

    • wrong comment. The 6.2 million people voted for “Yahapalana Group” not to destroy SLFP and UPFA. There was no agreement to personal attack on Rajapksa. Only Tamil Diaspora people want to prevent Rajapaksa coming back. Sirisena should not see a “person resigning” as important, compared to his party and country. Sirisena should not listen to personal requests from people to prevent Rajapaksa coming back, he has to be careful not to receive the blame for splitting SLFP. What Sirisena did was correct, voters will decide rest.

      • Blame for splitting the SLFP should go to power hungry Mahinda. He was a PM for six yeras and EP for ten years. With his hunger por more power he amended the constitution to allow him stay in politics unlimited.

        Going after astrologers he got the taste of the righ thinkg people’s decision and got defeated. But his hunger for more and fear of prosecution for wrong doing has made him to hang on even from a straw in the middle of river of politics.

        Only idiots will vote MR.

  25. The various Tamil groups should definitely have desisted from making inflammatory comments, and by and large the “silent majority” among the Sinhalese ought to have been more vocal in their support of Maithri. It will be wonderful if Maithri does indeed do another U-turn, although all this confusion will mean his losing support.

    As things stand, people like me will have to consider voting for the JVP.

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