Construction of Matara – Hambantota expressway launched

02Construction work on the Southern expressway linking Matara and Hambantota, was launched today by President Maithripala Sirisena.

President Sirisena unveiled a plaque at the site where construction will begin, in the presence of Government Ministers and the Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka Yi Xianliang.

The expressway will be linked to the existing southern expressway which connects Colombo and Matara via the southern Galle town.

The existing Galle to Matara extension costing US$ 180 million was funded by the Exim Bank of China.

The southern expressway which connects Colombo to Galle and Colombo to Matara was to be extended to Hambantota as part of the project plan of the former Government.

However the new Government which took office in January this year had decided to review some of the projects initiated by the former regime following allegations of corruption and lack of transparency when the deals were originally signed.

The Government had later decided to continue with the extension plan of the Southern expressway with Chinese funding.  (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What Mr.Sirisena Yatawara has expressed above is the prime truth. There must have been an overall development within the country specially having an modernized road network.
    Yes, Southern development is not a personal agenda and it must be vital. Even the regime of British rule here a few of well learned people such as Dr.Leonard Wolf and Hon. Dr.A.C.Clerk pointed out the importance of a harbour in Hambantota. All leaders who ruled the country for the last 50 years after the so called independence since 1948 has don nothing to the Southern Sri Lanka. The responsibility of the present government is to find the new path to improve these projects.

    Also I do accept the the comments made by others. Colombo- Kandy that has been a long history. It is a sad situation now we have to spend more than 4hrs to reach Kandy from Colombo and this is a scandalous situation as thousands of overseas people visit this historic city. we people who deal with in the field of tourism have a serious trouble and feel so shy in the presence of foreign people and we have no answers when questionable. Traffic problem in Colombo- Kurunegala is also the same.

  2. Since MS in power 2015 January all ongoing vital projects had been stop by UNP-Ranil -junta.
    UNP has done irrevocable damages to ours all ongoing nationally important projects .UNP and CBK of SLFP an opposed all National development ongoing projects. Because of Indian and US influences of UNP policies.
    Good that MS has taken initiative to encourage all Project need for sustainability of Development of
    Sri lanka.

    No doubt PRC is our decisive and largest an Investor of our land. They respect ours sovereignty and democracy.. That is most important as nation is Independence.

  3. MR open plaque after finish the the development work. MS open before start. This means this is only a show off for public before the election.
    Other thing is the comment about Kurunegala or Kandy; there is no port there to needs massive transport. So, editors who support theses comments and only publish them are showing their ignorance by only publishing these comments. Readers are not that stupid as you think believe these comments.

    • mahaththayo oyage lokukam gedara gihin penna ganna . mamakewwe api ude hawa dakina de. nuwarata kurunagalata minissu dahas ganan yanawa colombo kurunagala 4 hrs colombo kandy 4.5 hrs. colombo mataratath wada colombo kandy senaga yanawa. anika colombo matara highway haduwe hambantota waraya gana hithala nove. anika lankawe mulinma yana wahana gana anuwa highway hadanawanam hadanna one colombo nuwara anika oyala highway hadanna galle matara hambantota minissu gedarin salli genawe na.lankawema minissunge salli

  4. why anyone not try to build expressway to kandy kurunagala or anuradapura everyone try to build upto hambantota why?????

    • Because unfortunately we built a very expensive port in that town that we have to try and make use of. And building a fast connection between Colombo and Hamba will allow for the fast transfer between the two.

    • Answer is simple. . Kandy and Kurunagala does not have airports and harbours . You need expressways to transport goods from harbours and airports to main hubs such as Colombo.
      Therefore Kandy Kurunagala highways can happen later.

  5. Sri Lanka needs infrastructural development and Sirisena is doing what is needed to Sri Lanka. Get Rajapaksa’s blessings too but be careful not to accept any corruption deals. Sirisena should not worry about CBK frustration as she did not bring a single extra vote for Sirisena. Probably she will leave the country soon but Sirisena needs to stay with his party.

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