UPFA decides to give Mahinda nominations

MahindaThe United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) has decided to give nominations to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to contest the August 17 Parliament elections.

The decision was taken when UPFA party leaders met today to discuss the issue over giving Rajapaksa nominations.


  1. it is difficult to believe the reality which will happen to MR. As a political view, definitely this will be ashamed of that party which he represents.

  2. The truth is this decision has been taken by MR gang including Vasu, Wimal, Dinesh and Gammanpila. Not MS or any responsible person in SLFP. It is same tactics used by MT before jan. 08. Wait and see the drama. MR will lose all his privilages and rights soon.

  3. Do not have high hopes for MR to be the next PM as he will be relegated to the political dust bin .Sri Lankan electorate do not want this rogue who ripped Sri Lanka’s national wealth to the bone and collected enormous wealth abroad.I wish the Sri lankan electorate will teach him a good lesson not to fool the people all the time and my only wish that he will suffer for the rest of his life in jail!!!!

    • Hmmm . . .! In what invidious position does that place us, Poor Sri Lankan? We still have faith in Maithri, but we, don’t want to lend support MaRa in any way.

      Well, whoever said that life was easy? “Call no man happy until he is dead.” But no, we have to wake from our Sophoclean dreams and face the facts in this ugly world. The task before us is to grill every candidate in our District. I can afford to do so, but can we expect that of everyone?

  4. The most corrupted UPFA members in stinking huddle to give the most disgraceful president in the History of world politics ,beating the infamous Mugabe by a mile
    good luck and wait for your turn to enter the tunnel of Doom and gloom,all the corrupt money should flow out from the coffers of medamulana where this mad hid all
    the poor man;s money
    good luck to Pachawansa,lokugamage the seasoned corrupt,Yapa the money swindler,Prasanna ranathunga
    the pol Hora,Past CJ the cad found naked in the taxi with a the prostitute JINa,T<B ekanayake the corrupt and cad found again with prostitute JIna,and the rest corrupt members,can walk behind MR washing his feet

  5. The best news in the century. Go for a grand victory by uniting all the forces against imperialists and their slaves like servants in the country. Victory for our motherland!! Viva Hon Prime Minster Mahinda Rajapaksha!!!

    • What imperialists! Who gained from MR regime? Only the rich.Their agenda was for the business people and not for the poor! So who is on imperialist side? What progressiveness is left in UPLF?

  6. very sensible decision by the president,mr should join the president and every party should unite and must make this country the best in the world, should have citizens of mother lanka as priority no 1 , and keep no room to rob and misuse of tax payers and the united sri lanka , yahapalanaya should be continued.

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