UN refuses to comment on MR contesting

Farhan HaqThe United Nations (UN) refused to comment on reports that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa will be contesting the August 17 Parliament elections.

When asked for a comment at the daily press briefing at the UN yesterday, Farhan Haq, Deputy Spokesman for the UN Secretary-General said that he had no comment on that.


  1. Mahinda rings alarm bells for Un and UNP.UNP says it has 16000 applications for nomination.
    You have 16000 because Ranil sent many
    DUPLICATE FORMS. Ranil knows he cant get
    Nomination because of bond scam financial fraud.

    Asia’s biggest theif Ranil a fugitive try to give duplicate
    Forms to deceive and get nominations.

    If UNP does not give nominations he will get
    Diaspora or America forces to get it.

  2. UNO has no right to interfere internal affairs of
    Sri lanka.

    We are independent and sovereignty nation of member of UN by elected their own leader decided by People of Island, but not that by few member of UN power.

    Sovereignty nation has every right decided to be elected own leader by Ballot but not by bullet.

    UN had off Sri Lankan sovereignty!

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