John says UNP will reject Mahinda’s invite

John AmaratungaSri Lanka’s ruling United National Party (UNP) on Thursday rejected an invitation from former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse to work with him at the upcoming parliamentary elections, the Xinhua news agency reported.

Rajapakse had invited the UNP and other political parties to join him after he announced his candidacy for the August 17 Parliamentary Elections.

However, UNP senior parliamentarian John Amaratunga told Xinhua that the UNP would not consider such a request and was confident of gaining a majority at the polls.

“The vote base of the UNP will not change even if Rajapakse contests or not. We are confident we will continue with a majority in government,” Amaratunga said.

Rajapakse on Tuesday announced that he would contest the elections on the request of his supporters and would look to form a new government in the island country.

Meanwhile Amaratunga said that the corruption probe against Rajapakse and his family would continue despite the former president contesting for the polls.

“We will not stop the investigations against anyone who has been blamed for defaulting the country. Investigations will go on, ” he said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The UNP has to be careful with John Amarathunga’he has asoft corner for Mahendra Rajapakse,in fact it is because of John Amarathunga ,Mahendra Rajapakse got away with a double murder case against Rajapakse,when John amarathunga,purposely gave false evidence stating that gun shots from the top of a tree,when he saw it distinctly Rajapakse shooting the two people in the Mulkirigala bye election,President Sirisena was also there but he says it was a few metres away and delined to give evidence,but he knew that Rajapakse was the who pulled the trigger

    • If Prabakaran has won the war who will complain against him for killing millions of innocent people? Bring something useful to country.

    • [Amarathunga’he has asoft corner ] its more tan that Amarattunga almost summersaulted to MR camp promise of a ministerial post when locale constituent from Wattala confronted him and gave him hard nose dressing down and reminded about his duty. What a shame UNP once the party of principle politicians now mostly run by unprincipled self serving weasels.

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