UNP to hold talks with Fonseka on polls

Sarath FonsekaThe United National Party (UNP) is to hold talks with Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka with regards to the Parliament elections.

Fonseka said that he has been informed that UNP chairman Malik Samarawickrema will meet him in an attempt to obtain the support of Fonseka’s political party for the UNP at the election.

The former Army Commander said that the Democratic Party led by him has already decided to contest the August 17 election independently.

However he said that if there is a threat of corrupt politicians returning to power then the Democratic Party may reconsider its stand and join forces with others to defeat such a threat. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Karu, yes he is an idiot if he is unable to maintain his selfrespect with that Field Marshallship.
    He simply can not realise that the UNP is going from pillar to post to garner very support on the land to to get to that 113 seats.
    This much desperate is the UNP.
    The Field marshall have no brains to think, that ranil is blowing hot & cold with the same breath by sending Malik & him not calling on the FM.

    This move is another indication the MR popularity wave that is sweeping through the country.
    Sira is unable to arrest it & MR segment will virtually takeover & control the UPFA.
    Thats the long and short of it.

  2. This man is not now suitable to hold any position. A total crap and is floating on the waters with nondirection and vision. His all colleagues around the country are also those who are rejected by the society and he is another big mistake of Sri Lanka

  3. Mr Karu, Before abusing Gen Sarath Fonseka, Just tell one single act you have done to safe guard mother lanka

  4. Karu. Sounds very easy to say forget that the previous regime left him to rot in jail and stripped him of his rights and freedom. How much money did you make out of the previous regime who was running the country like it was its own private company.

  5. Fonseka should be stripped off all Field Marshal medals if he decides to continue with politics. We support him as a neutral person not as a weak politician. He should be an idiot if cannot understand the difference between war and politics. If you really worried about country, then please forget about what previous regime did to you and join Rjapaksa (You did the same mistake Sirisena did by challenging MR, so no difference now). Ranil and Chandrika will not have any ambition to bring peace in the country as they did many times during their ruling in the past.

    • I think you are in MR’s Political wonderland, like wasudeva and wimal, first accuse people with facts, none of us Sri Lankan citizens would bring any war to the country. LTTE became such a strong outfit, becuase it had support from India. Sirisena did the write thing and challenged MR and as a result today we have the first transparent and independent general elections in the history of Sri Lankan politics. what do you say for that, as Ranil said MR saviour was Prbhakaran, first MR came to power because Prabha didnt allow the northern voters to use their franchise vote, the second time MR won because he eliminated piripaharan and third time he sought office prabhakaran was not their to save him. So this time it would be even worse because their is no Prabha and MR ha no power.. The whole of Sri Lanka is appreciating this landmark political change and bring a new culture of politics!!!

    • [He should be an idiot if cannot understand the difference between war and politics.]
      Now then what is your qualification come to this learned conclusion that SF should be a idiot(A person with severe mental retardation) are you physiologists or eminent doctor calibre of Mervyn Silva or Eliantha White MR personal which doctor.

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