Mahinda breaks his silence, says he will contest

Mahinda Rajapaksa MRFormer President Mahinda Rajapaksa today broke his silence with regards to the August 17 Parliament elections and formally announced that he will be contesting the polls.

Speaking in front of a large crowd at his home town in Madamulana, the former President said that he is not in a position to reject the request of his supporters for him to contest.

“We cannot reject the request you have put before us. We will contest and look to form the next Government,” Rajapaksa said.

Rajapaksa however did not say under which political party he will look to contest and if he is still seeking the post of Prime Minister.

President Maithripala Sirisena, who is the chairman of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) had said earlier that Rajapaksa will not be made the Prime Ministerial candidate of the SLFP.

Rajapaksa said that he will look to rectify any mistakes made in the past when looking to form the next Government.

He also invited all political parties, including the United National Party, to join hands with him at the upcoming election.

Rajapaksa also accused the UNP led Government after taking decisions which pose a threat to National Security.

He recalled that despite even a US report stating that the LTTE international network was still active, the UNP Government had decided to remove army camps and withdraw troops from the North.

He also accused the UNP of taking revenge on their opponents after taking office in the Government this year.

“I left my party and came home and yet so many allegations were made against me. I took nothing but only the hearts of the people,” he said.

The former President also noted that the new Government had suspended and later resumed several projects initiated by his Government, under a new name.

Rajapaksa also said that when he was in power, the then Government never took any decisions which violated the constitution.

Several members of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) were on stage with him when he made the announcement in Madamulana. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. He should have be stripped off his CIVICS RIGHTS for MISUSE OF POWER, THE WORD MISUSE OF POWER WAS said by the former defense secretary, that they misused power for the sake of the people, this is ample proof, they misused power to protect their family rule, I cannot understand why this was not done, he should not be allowed to come back at any cost, He is not a patriot, he is only acting, did he send a single SLFP to did trenches near the LTTE lines, its only the JVP who went and dug trenches, he was destroying the local industries, he is only acting, I am sure the people of this country are not racist , they will put him into the wilderness. HE Jailed SF who won the war, The war only made the family rich, it was a blessing for them, if Prabakaran was a live he would have giving him the LTTE highest award for jailing SF and the other Army officers. He is not a savior of the country but one who destroy’s the Country. I am sure some witch craft guy would have said that he could come back to power, that’s why he is back, ONE WHO BELIEVES IN WITCHCRAFT DO NOT BELIEVE THE PEOPLE.

    • Wellington didn’t you promise with Antany Peter to drag MR to International court of justice what’s going on he is now going to contest again are you waiting for him to enter Parliament then it will be too late. I ‘am utterly disappointed you talk the talk but no walk. That guy in New Zealand you promised to take to courts with MR is living free & easy.

  2. Voting to MR means the Sri Lanka will face economic sanctions and other punishment from international community. Sri Lankans should prepare for that if they want to vote for Mahinda Rajapaksa

  3. You are responsible for massacre of innocent Tamils. You should face the justice. Until that time Tamils will never rest in and outside Sri Lanka

  4. Every vote they cast you and your allies is a vote for dictatorship and extrajudicial killings and white van abductions. What you did to innocent Tamils is a war crimes. Therefore, you should face war crimes tribunal to prove you are innocent or to be found you are guilty of genocide and war crimes.

  5. Thank you for coming forward and thank you making attempts to ensure that you will be lost for ever. If you completed your second term and retired, you would have been our Nelson Mandela. But now you will be our Noriega. Thank you very much for showing your true colours!

  6. MR should contest and deservs to be part of the country leadership. In my view, he is one of the few political leaders who considers “COUNTRY FIRST”.
    He may have done mistakes (who did not? Who is not corrupt? Look at the current government full of theives from the previous government!), BUT he is the ONLY leader who delivered what Sri Lankans needed most; i.e. Elimination of LTTE.

    • when are you going to stop quoting this ..he did not singly defeat the ltte ..his corrupt and violently oppressive rule overshadows any good that you claim he did … people now can talk freely or is that what you dont like !!!

  7. Hello all you gullible subjects. I want to be PM again. Most probably eradicate this gentlemen of a President. I want to be the president of Srimbabwe forever. Foster corruption, thuggery, white vans and certainly rob you so that the next generations of my siblings will need not wok. Please vote for me. I like to steal!!

  8. Mahendra Rajapakse is not only a shameful to the entire nation,but he is bloody disgrace to the Buddhist religion,if People of lanka worship Buddhism as they say,then all Sri Lankan Buddhist are hipocrits if you follow the principles of this traitor and Cad Mahendra Rajpakse,the worst leader than Mugabe as Rajitha Senaratne correctly interpreted,we agree with him 100%

  9. You cant compare MR with any other leaders in SL.The peace He has given to the country should really be appriciated.I respect him from the core of my heart.

    • when are you going to stop quoting this ..he did not singly defeat the ltte ..his corrupt and violently oppressive rule overshadows any good that you claim he did … people now can talk freely or is that what you dont like !!!

  10. MR or RW…contest the elections and let the people, who hold the key, make the decision. It is the people who have the votes and if they decided to vote, without being intimidated, to anyone of their choice, be it a good person or bad person, then that is the final choice. So let’s wait without squabbling ourselves.

  11. How it happened? Another Indian job. The former President called an early election. The Indian imperialists (India) were ready to correct its mistake in 2005 when it backed Mahinda Rajapaksa over Ranil Wickramasinge. Then, Indian imperialists advised Indian block vote in the island to abstain from voting. The reason for the preference was Indian imperialists thought it will be easier to negotiate with Mahinda an unknown matter for India. Unfortunately for India, Mahinda did not follow Indian directions as former Sri Lankan leaders did since 1956. In 2010 India enrolled General Sarath Fonseka as a presidential candidate against Mahinda and failed. So behind the scene as Indian imperialist always do they were planning for years and got former governor Chandrika Bandaranayake-Kumaranatunge to do the job and succeeded with doing a repeat of what India did with her father Solomon West Ridgeway Dias Bandaranayake in 1951. India did not have to wait for four year this time. India managed to divide the non-Indian vote and got the Indian block vote for Maithripala Sirisena the new governor of Sri Lanka who may be the proxy for the real governor Chandrika.
    What it means for Sri Lanka? Nothing much. It will be the same as what the island nation had from 1956 to 2005 and before from 1792 to 1948. The Indian minority will run the country with the privileges they enjoyed since their arrival under the cover of the British fire power and their own nonviolent aggression and oppression. They will claim they are the victims of Majority Chauvinists; the same claim that they make in other colonies from Fiji to Guyana. For example; finance and justice; most important ingredients in the world and heads of these two institutions in the island now are from the victimized minority and one of them has been brought from another colony.
    What it means for the Indian Empire? It means a lot to the Indian Empire. The former partner of the British-Indian Empire from Fiji to Guyana that is all former tropical colonies of the British-Indian Empire. India lost its control over the island nation since 2005 as the new government of the island nation managed to wipe out the Indian terrorist arm; trained, armed, financed, managed and branded Tamil !Tigers by India. Since the election of the new governor Indian cars and food have become cheaper with reduced tax on Indian products. Indian Imperialists have already indicated massive investments and projects in all sectors of the economy. This will not be a hard act as the island nation’s economy has been in their hands for more than two centuries and the business language in the country is an Indian language spoken by more than 75 million of them in India. The wealthiest in the island are Indian though their wealth is not stored in the island but most of it in India. Reclaiming the control over the island nation will supplement its control over the Indian Ocean and Indian Ocean countries. With its unchallenged military power; with ICBMs, Aircraft Carriers, Nuke Subs, Nuke (Peace) bombs and purchase of hundred billion dollars’ worth of military hardware the island nation provides the best step with Mauritius a third State of India to lay a drag line across the Indian Ocean.

  12. moo nakiya 80 yrs minissu kiyana nisa chande illanavalu
    moo minissu kiwwama badu mila adu kalada ? Rathupaswala minissunta wedi thiyanakota moo nissabdava hitiya.

    horu tika kohoma hari beraganin, me rate mee harakne inne ombata chande denna

    ombage development project maru 14 500 month ekata income labena airport eka
    china unta akkara 20 dila commis gahala

    thavath rata kanna varen me rate thanakola kana un innakan oba maha raja.

  13. Tamils and TNA must realise that “Hitlerism” of the Sinhalese against the Tamils continue unabated. Tamils must not be hoodwinked with Tamil Diaspora Festival. They must press UNHRC in August for Interantional Inquiry on SL

  14. Do not worry. About comments in this website. They are not genuine and unbiased . They are created by enemies of MR . This website publish only the comments against MR. It is normal and we all know.

  15. If Sinhalese rallied behind alleged war criminal Rajapakse who committed the genocide of the 21st Century, it exposes their mindset of war crimes and mass human rights abuses.

  16. Sri Lankan politics is the dirtiest game in this world. It has no limits unlike other professional careers. Where people will have to retire to pave the way for the younger generation.

  17. Can you Sir, respond to this – not mere allegation by
    no lesser group than Peradeniya Varsity Lecturers, in
    Jany. 2015:-
    ” Friends, time has come to educate one another about the massive corruption that happens in Sri Lanka under the Present Regime. The Executive has taken the lead in this process resulting in massive debt, virtually mortgaging our mother land to foreign countries. Each individual and even the unborn in Sri Lanka owes close to Rs 400,000.00 as debt to China and other lending agencies. Country is in the threshold of bankruptcy. Today more than 50% parliament members have not even passed the O/L examination. Present regime has no respect for education. Country’s development could be achieved only by educating people. We emphasise that more than 6% of the GDP need to be allocated for education, which the emerging new leadership has promised. Hence we strongly feel that the present regime should be removed for a more thoughtful, compassionate and considerate leadership to take reins to spearhead this beautiful nation to be a DEVELOPED NATION devoid of corruption, family favouritism and protected independent Judiciary. This Government ……… 1. Promised that the presidential system will be repealed, in the “Mahinda Chinthanaya”, instead extended the number of times a president could contest from two times to unlimited. 2. Robbed around 95 Million LKR from the “Tsunami” fund ( Helping Hambantota ) donated by the Japanese government. This was his first political robbery apart from what he made as the Minister of Fisheries. 3. Let all the ministers of his cabinet to rob at their will, hence he could blackmail them. He turned a blind eye when his Prime Minister imported Drugs and few members of his cabinet importing illegal ethanol and drugs. 4. Alienated the country towards China resulting in India developing bitterness with Sri Lanka. 5. Obtained loans from China at rates higher than Libor (London Interbank Offered Rate) to earn commissions. These commissions in billions were routed to Swiss bank accounts via Seychelles, where MR opened a branch of Bank of Ceylon and also an Embassy in a country where only 92000 thousand people live. Sri Lankan airline flies to Seychelles. 6. Built a port where no ships come. Air Port where no Airplanes land. He made billions of commissions doing these projects. 7. Made money building Roads : The cost per km of the Outer Circular Highway from Kadawatha to Kerawalapitiya financed by China is US$ 56 m(Rs.7.3billion) This cost is three times higher than the Kottawa Kaduwela extension of the Southern Highway financed by Japan ,which is Rs.2.4 billion per km. 8. The cost per km of Extension of the Southern Highway from Mattala to Hambantota will cost Rs.2.14billion, whereas per km cost of the Southern Highway cost only Rs.975m 9. Bid price of A9 road was Rs.140 m per km when the departmental estimate for an A class road was Rs. 20m. 10. Construction of the Norochchole Coal Power Project was awarded to a well- established Chinese contractor at US$280.00M in 2005 by the previous regime. Soon after present regime came into power it cancelled the contract and awarded it to another inexperienced Chinese firm at US$520 million-almost double the previous price. Plant is inoperative even after 2years of completion. 11. On a dispute between Essential Services Commissioner and Asset Maritime (Pvt) Ltd arbitrator-a retired High Court Judge awarded Rs.600,000.00 as compensation to the company. A Committee appointed by the President on the intervention of the First Lady awarded Rs.180 million to this company owned by Dhammika Perera and Nishantha Wickramasinghe- latter being a brother of First Lady. 12. Due to the ill-conceived Hedging deal of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation headed by Asantha de Mel (a person connected to the political establishment) lost Rs. 230 billion in2007. No one has been held accountable for huge loss of public funds. 13. Failed to initiate investigations on 29 journalists murdered or disappeared. Lasantha W, Pradeep Eknaligoda 14. Failed to initiate investigations into the deaths of Members of Parliament 1. Raviraj and one other. 15. Appointed 38 numbers of the Presidents family and extended family, to diplomatic missions. 16. Turned a blind eye on losses at Mihin Air to the tune of 6-8 Billion, made by his closest buddy Sajin vas Gunawardane who had been criminally charged previously. He appointed his brother in Law Nishantha Wickramasinghe to Sri Lankan Airlines who has no formal education and made losses to the tune of Rs 70 billion to date. 17. Influenced the judiciary to President’s benefit. Impeached the 43rd Chief Justice for no reason. Makes judicial appointments to his benefit. 18. Allows Presidents children to play (Car races) on the streets of Colombo at their will by closing roads. He over ruled Mahanayake Theroes to hold car races for his children in Kandy town. 19. Failed to nominate Election, Police, Public Service and Judicial services commissions. 20. Udayanga Weeratunga – Sri Lankan Ambassador to Russia. Cousin of President Rajapakse. Accused of involving in a shady deal to purchase MIG Fighters for the Sri Lankan Air force. 21. Paid 700.00Million rupees to Prabhakaran to purchase weapons to kill innocent Sinhalese using Karuna Amman who is now a deputy Minister and a Vice President of the SLFP. He uses Kumar Pathmanathan alias LTTE arms dealer to his personal benefit. 22. How Karuna was sent to London “ On August 30, 2007 the Department of Immigration and Emigration issued a diplomatic passport number D1944260 in the name of “Kokila Dushmantha Gunawardena” whose occupation on the passport was given as Director General of Wildlife Conservation. The photograph on the passport was that of Karuna Amman. The Department of Immigration, it is pertinent to note, comes under the Ministry of Defence, Public Security, Law and Order of which Gotabaya Rajapakse is Secretary and President Rajapakse the Minister”. 23. Failed to conduct an impartial inquiry into killing of around 43 prisoners at the Welikada Prison. 24. Did nothing to improve the economy and failed to introduce workers charter. Economy in shambles. 25. Arranged for his son to sit for the Law exams in an isolated air-conditioned room, away from the other candidates. 26. Killed protesters in Rathupaswala (8), Free Trade Zone (1) and Chilaw (4). He used maximum force on all protestors.”

    • Excellent article, Punchi Nilame. We need to aware people about the real facts. All the Best for your effort.


      • Asoka fact is Punchinilame is aka Antany Peter from Wellington New Zealand and he is and always will be a LTTE sympathizer, Sinhalese |& Western hater so don’t get sucked in.

    • He does not have to respond, he has already. That who ever was saying these they are baseless allegations. It’s nearly six months since the elections, if these allegations were true, why the present government and the president who came to power using these rhetoric have done nothing about them? Do you mean to say they too are culpable?

    • When the whole country became a blood shed by LTTE, no one bothered and raised the voice this much because no one could do anything other than only Mahinda Rajapaksha, He had mistakes, but compare to other politicians he is much better corrupted and you should have some respect as a leader who saved the peaceful country you to live, Amount of money you are talking today no way compare with the peace he given to the country because money cannot buy peace. Think as a educated person and educate others as well.Finally he is back again and thanks god. He will definitely win no doubts about it because still people in sri lanka remember those 30 bitter years they spent with fear. SALUTE MAHINDA FOR SAVING THE COUNTRY!!

    • Reply to Punchinilame, I’m sure you an ex-LTTE carder or who does not Like MR because he eliminate LTTTE from Sri Lanka. Every Sri Lanka loves this man for What he did, and we can see what this present government has already done for our mother land. We need a good leader. Even the educated Tamils live in European countries accept MR as a good leader to all communities. There are un-educated and brain washed Tamils still fighting for a separate land at the expense of third class politicians that support LTTE.
      In January 08th Majority of sri lankans did a big mistake by electing M3. And they will not do the same mistake again.

    • Well said sir,
      our stupid people in SriLanka cannot remember what this man has done to our economy to bring back back again.He will take revenge everyone betrayed .

  18. This “Hitler” who practised Hitlerism and Genocide will definitely lose. MR is a threat to national security and people. Like Hitler MR knows to preach hatred against LTTE with lies.

  19. Welcome hero. You are the only hope for Sri Lanka and please go ahead with the uncompleted business and we are always with you.

  20. Are you still greedy for power? Better,rest at home without talking nonsense.Do you think without you,the country will not develope? There are many politicians better educated than you to rule this country.

    • We agree. Mahinda stay home and relax. Do not ruin the country again. I noticed that some of his greedy followers are behind him and put comments. Dear Sri Lankan’s, Do not elect corrupted leaders and their henchman again. If so, you are doing a big mistake again.

    • the person who is greedy for power has clearly shown his colors again and again, even after 29 defeats in a row. which is a world record. so please reserve those words-greedy for power , for your loser backdoor PM

  21. Dear Rajapaksa, we are on your side for one reason and we wish you win again with flying colours. We did not want you to be in power indefinitely, but we were shocked to see the way ‘Sirisena and West’ defeated you in a very menial way during last election. So we feel it is unfair to you and in political system in Sri Lanka. Also we will not support any corruption if you win again, but you need to be careful of people around you behaving like “Sirisena” who waited like a time-bomb. Get some more people from UNP as well to make sure your win.

    Don’t worry about the diaspora criminals commenting against you in filthy language on these web sites using Sinhalese names.

  22. It is good that Sarath Silva was also with you; the two of you have one thing in common: you both admit to mistakes made by you in the past.

    But what Sarath said was that he now realises that MaRa diddled “Tsunami Funds” and should have been put away. He’s somersaulted again!

    MaRa, you still have support, nobody ever doubted that; but your standing has been eclipsed by that of the clean but shrewd Maithri. Of course, you will damage the chances of the SLFP, and Ranil’s not-so-clean UNP will emerge as the largest single party.

    Many a younger person may not appreciate how subtle had to be the approach of Maithri, and they will turn to the JVP – which may not be such a bad thing because what is attractive about the current leaders of that party is their discipline and refusal to compromise. It will drive a lesson home, although older people like me will remain wary of their history of violent insurrection.

    As for MaRa, this latest decision of yours is sad, because you did rid us of your 2005 collaborator, Prabhakaran.

  23. To be restoration of democracy, law and order of country and back to rule of law by means of democracy, that we want Mahinda Rajapakase as leader of Nation. He was tested leader of Democracy respect majority democracy.

    I well come MR move to join democracy process again. People will decided leaders, but not that by other in power by hook or crook.

    We are a small nation but we admire practices of Democracy by voted of FREE SELECATION BY THE PEOPLE SOVEREIGHNTY.

  24. පුදුමයක්ද?
    ඕක කියන්න නේ මේ තරම් කල් හතර වරන් ගැහුවේ.

    අපේ ජහමනයට මොලය කළදක් තියෙනවනම් කරපු කතාව ඇහුවනම් තවමත් කියන්නේ කිසිදු ලැජ්ජාවකින් තොරව පට්ට පල බොරු කියන එක පැහැදිලිවන්න ඕන.

    • Hey, Can you tell me any leader better than MR in Sri Lanka’s history? You have no knowledge of SL’s political history mate, so do not make foolish comments

  25. you shameful man,disgusting clot,speaks with full of hatred,dirtiest of all the politicians of the Country
    should be thrown to dusbin,disgusting

    • If you are speaking from SL then you must be enjoying the peace he has given you. Have some respect. I am still waiting for Ranil to show proof of his stolen Billions.

      • Well said Shane, Educated Sri Lankan Tamils like MR very much, yes he needs rectify past mistakes and I’m sure he will if we give him another chance.

      • Actually the question should be “Can you tell me any leader worse than MR in Sri Lanka’s history ?”

        Answer – The only worse period was when we were under british rule with no independence. At least though MR was dictatorial when in power he could be voted out.

    • pt calling the kettle black, look at the words you are using and your language. you are the one filled with hatred, you are the one licking the arse of the biggest traitor to his/her country since Quisling, so go away and die stupid troll.You should have gone in your father’s sarong, and not waste a single breath of this country that was liberated by Mahinda

      • He is no Sinhalese Hero, he is only acting, you know little about him, he has protected chines businessmen and destroyed Sinhalese businessmen.

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