Former CJ Sarath Silva at Medamulana

Sarath SilvaFormer Chief Justice Sarath Silva, who backed President Maithripala Sirisena at the January Presidential elections, was among those present at former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s house at Madamulana today.

The former Chief Justice took part in religious observances held to mark Poya Day ahead of the much awaited announcement by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa regarding his plans for the August 17 Parliament elections.

Sarath Silva had, ahead of the January elections, spoken against Rajapaksa and pushed for his removal from power. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sarath Silva is another monumental national embarrassment. A spineless worm with no principles. A breathing living mechanism that has no credibility. This idiot is a mistake of the whole human race!

    He was caught for his lewd conduct while sitting on this country’s highest judicial chair and kept in position by a despot!

    Why would any sensible press waste their valuable columns giving prominence to his nonsensical uttarences?

  2. This Sarath Silva is a shameless man who is switching sides depending on which way the wind is blowing. He was responsible for allowing Rajapaksa to contest despite Rajapaksa swindling millions of money meant for the poor Tsunami victims.

  3. Follish people are talking about Sarath Silva’s private life, as they have no defence against Sarath Silva’s recent comments on the Central Bank bond scam and other illegal acts by the Yahapalanaya. unelected government.

  4. Any one care two hoots for this Joker? Isn’t he the one who allowed a CROOK to become the leader of our Nation who turned it into a corrupt, lawless Banana Republic with Jungle Law? The current President knew the Joker well and kept him at a distance. The miserable Joker now supports the return of former corrupt Regime.

  5. Mario forget about Sirisena,the topic is this clown Sarath Silva,he was dead drunk in the hart of Colombo in ataxi with a big booze prostitute ‘
    and these are our great Chief Justices he should have been stripped naked and thrown to lions and thata what
    would have happened in Athens and now in Saudi Arabia,shame less Buddhist so called leader,not worth two cents

  6. Chief Justice my foot ,were nt you caught some years back in a taxi with a prostitute
    you disgusting animal get lost

  7. Dammage is done but Silva has realised his mistake by bringing Sirisena to destroy the country. Only LTTE supporters are happy with Sirisena, as he did what LTTE wanted and agreed upon.

    • Lots of us are happy with Maithri.

      You echo Gotabaya. If someone is not with you, he automatically becomes an LTTEer. If all think so crudely, how do we bring about reconcilliation?

      • LOL..Sinhala people are always for reconciliation. After all, Sinhalese are not the ones that waged a war against the government. It is silly to talk about reconciliation when groups called GTF, BTF, who funded the war keep winding up western leaders against Sri Lanka and never talk about reconciliation. In fact it is very silly to even talk to them when they are never committed to any settlement but to bring our forces and leaders to the Hague and divide the country. When they have the support of the global leaders, why would they reconcile now? This is their opportunity to press for what Prabhakaran fought.

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