JVP accuses government of falling short

vijitha-herathThe Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) today accused the Government of failing to meet the requirements of the people, despite being elected by the people.

JVP propaganda secretary Vijitha Herath said that the Government had promised to arrest those responsible for corruption but yet arrested only a few people.

He also said that forming a coalition Government between the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and the United National Party (UNP) led to the investigations on corrupt politicians being affected since the President is also from the SLFP.

“The people wanted a change on January 8 and that is why they voted against the former Government. The JVP supported that and backed the establishment of democracy,” he said.

The JVP then supported the 100 day programe of the new Government while remaining in the opposition and not accepting Government posts or portfolios.

Heratha said that the JVP supported moves against former Government members over fraud and corruption and had even filed documents at the Bribery and Corruption Commission.

He said the JVP also filed complaints at the police Criminal Investigations Department, Financial Crimes Investigations Unit and in Court.

However the former Parliamentarian noted that the Government, on its part, failed to take adequate action in the fight against corruption.

The JVP says it will look to continue the fight against corruption by seeking a strong representation in Parliament at the August 17 elections.

He said the JVP has also already decided on some of the candidates who will contest the polls, including outspoken JVP members K.D Lalkantha and Wasantha Samarasinghe.


  1. All JVP are cheats. They speak socialism in University but secretly looking for a girl from rich family to marry. This their motive although posing as “saviors”

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