UNP denies attempting to cover up probe

RosyThe ruling United National Party (UNP) today denied claims it was attempting to suppress the findings of the Committee On Public Enterprises (COPE) on the bond issue involving the Central Bank Governor.

State Minister of Child Development Rosy Senanayake said that the investigations by COPE into the bond issue was not over by the time Parliament was dissolved last Friday.

A member of the former COPE committee, Senanayake said that the committee was to meet again today to continue investigations on the bond allegations but Parliament was dissolved on Friday night and as a result COPE was also disbanded.

The opposition alleged that Parliament was dissolved as COPE had found that the Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran was guilty in relation to the treasury bond issue.

However Senanayake said that no one was found guilty at the time investigations by COPE had stopped with the dissolution of Parliament. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Full robbery is 2700 Billion Rupees. Even great grand children are set for life. Well done. Sri Lanka deserve this for letting Yamapalana mob to run this country for 160 days.

  2. [UNP attempting to cover up probe]
    UNP & Ranil done nothing but cover up the Bond scam. And now they using the same tactics used by last regime discredit every one with a dissenting voice with conspiracy theories. Ranil has learnt well from his pal Rajapaksa. Sri Lankans expected and deserved better after suffering under Megalomaniac Rajapaksa royalty & their band of thieves. What happen to Dr Harsha De Silva man who exposed so many scams under the last regime has he been ordered to keep quite. It is disgraceful only expert opinions about Bond the scam is coming from Master scammer of his time former Governor Cabrall this take the cake. Billion Rupee question is why Ranil so hell bent on saving Mahendran?

  3. This farce has done immense damage to the UNP, but that doesn’t mean that everyone associated with the party is a rogue. What Rosy says is also true; there has to be some tranquility for something like this to be investigated.

    On the other hand, Mahendran should be knowledgeable enough to know how much the economy has suffered owing to this controversy {I’m acknowledging here that I cannot judge}. Wouldn’t it have been better if he had resigned?

    • UNP’s Rosy has no knowledge Central Bank Bonds issues. I wonder wither she knows of what is meaning of Govt. Bonds?

      She is not politician ,just member of Parliament.
      I will recommended her to read book of ‘The Ascent of Money’ by Niall Ferguson.

      If she really interest to read and learn some guide line of Issuance of Bonds.

      • Mr Yatawara, you have this habit of denigrating people. I admit that I cannot act as judge in this matter. It is true that Rosy became prominent early in her life for other attributes, but if you have listened to her in either English or Sinhala, you will realise that she is a pretty astute and knowledgeable politician as well.

        I do agree that it is good for all to read Ferguson.

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