President seeks unity among people of all faiths

10President Maithripala Sirisena today said that there should not be fear among any community and that instead it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure unity among people of all faiths.

The President had said this when he hosted an Iftar ceremony at Temple Trees today with the participation of Muslim religious leaders.

The President said that at a time when there are moves to take forward the reconciliation process, it is important that events like that held at Temple Trees today, are hosted by others as well.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and several Muslim guests also participated in the Iftar ceremony. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Muslim will never support to Rajapaksa, we suported MY3 in the last President election,

    We never forget what was happend to muslims at Aluthgama and Beruwela. that is the reaction we showded in the last president election.

    This time colombo muslims will support to UNP, which is always favourite win with higiest majorty, no one can defiet UNP in colombo, Honourable Ranil Wickeramasinghe will be come Prime Minister very easly.

    This time all yong generations are very interligent, they know whome to vote, but remember there is no room for, Murderes, thives, rapeiest, drug, and Ethonal,

    UNP will defenietly get 125 seats,

  2. Muslims will join Rajapaksa in the General election, that is how we have seen in the past. Sirisena will be an isolated president in power when Rajapaksa wins again. Sirisena’s luck will run out soon.

    • Get your head examined, Yasapala!

      That Maithri’s “luck will run out soon”, while being possible is most unlikely. His success is not owed to either astrology or chance, but is owing to coming forward at the right time in history, and displaying principles.

      However, my considering you to be loony is owing to your suggesting that the Muslims will join Rajapaksa “en bloc”, when there’s nothing to even remotely suggest the possibility.

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