JVP leader slams Maithri for meeting MR

Anura KumaraJanatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake slammed President Maithripala Sirisena for having talks with former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Dissanayake said that while Sirisena and Rajapaksa had denied that the meeting took place at the Speaker’s official residence, the meeting did take place last week at another location.

“Both Rajapaksa and Sirisena issued statements saying they did not meet. vendre voiture accidentée Rachatvotrevoiture.com Rachat de voiture HS. They met at President Maithripala Sirisena’s house,” he said.

Dissanayake noted that the public had on January 8 voted for Sirisena to remove Rajapaksa from power and yet now Sirisena is having secret talks with Rajapaksa.

He claimed that part of the secret talks was to stop arresting Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) members in order to ensure the SLFP wins the Parliament elections.

The police Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID) had questioned and arrested several SLFP members of the former Government over alleged fraud and corruption. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Yako trying to gain votes aha? MEEHARAKA. You people are traitors. Maithri did not meet Mahinda. All these fking sri lankans are lying bastards who will do anything to gain votes.

  2. Shut up you pig face. How about you getting together with UNP to file ridiculous charges against SLFPers? You scratching Ponil’s back and him scratching yours, huh? Where are all the allegations of Lamborghinis, aeroplanes and billions in banks gone now? You got the chance but where was the proof. All you did was take LTTE diaspora money to sling mud at MR. All allegations were to hoodwink the public, and pump up your silly image. How about all your murderous activities in the 70s, which led to the death of thousands of innocent Sinhalese, men ,women and children. Not a word of regret about that, but looking at a dust particle in MR’s eye? Horrible pompous idiot. Hope people will now realise your lying, hypocritical ways.

  3. JVP, “Janatha Viroudi Pakshaya” … Double standard and trying to capitalize on the current situation to strengthen its vote banks? AK pretends to be honest but not so??? Dirty minded politics.

  4. We trusted you against the this corrupt and disgraceful ‘regime of MR,we also know about the Mulkirigala Bye election where definitely witnessed a murder charge but you never gave evidence but John Amarathunga gave an absolute and disgusting evidence to the murder chager of the Sinhalese men being actually shot Mahendra Rajapakse and got him out prison after 6 months and let him go free,you knew very well who the actual murderer was and even now
    you want see and even encourage him to be the Prime Ministre what sort of man are you Mr President Sirisena
    franlkly I would end my life rather than this brute of a man entering politics to be the prime Minister disgusting sir

  5. What is the ethical right the JVP has to criticize the meeting between MR and MS. They have to sort out some issues in SLFP. MS will never take to JVP for anything.Mind you own business, Mr. JVP.

    • Dear politak, your other posts reveal you to be a MaRa stooge! As such you have no standing to be predicting the actions of Maithri, and to be telling off the JVP.

      On the other hand, the JVP contributed immensely towards the Maithri victory, and they are bound to do well at the elections because they have stuck to certain principles. That they may not get my vote is besides the point.

      • Before you go any further how about an investigation for killing thousands 70s/80s by the JVP. Not a single investigation???

  6. Shame Mr President sirisena,you have certainly lost your principles no doubt,we will never trust you again,
    there is no point making SLFP victorious by cooked means it isDisgsting sir what you did
    I have no respect for you sir,keep that in mind,we never will support you when you need us ,keep that in mind sir

  7. This JVP thinks it is still 1971 insurgency time and they can dictate what other people should do. Whether he agrees or not Rajapaksa was the president 6 moths ago and he the strongest leader in Sri Lanka. Sirisena is a lucky person to win last time due to spreading massive lies and unachievable promises. If Sirisena contests now he will not get even 1% of votes he got 5 months ago. Sirisena is the one to receive the blame for breaking the SLFP party by breaking party rules to contest without party approval, also joining with all the enemies. Now Sirisena is doing the damage control otherwise he will be a President of no-one. Rajapaksa will win with or without Sirisena’s support. All armed forces and their families will vote for Rajapaksa whether JVP likes not, as this government is trying to break Sri Lanka in to pieces..

    • How seriously do you expect to be taken, Nihal? Maithri’s support down to less than 1%? Thanks for proclaiming what fools are making all this noise on behalf of MaRa. Mind, that figure you have given is for the votes he would get if he contests MaRa for the Presidency now, not his “factions” performance in parliamentary elections.

    • JVP is a party that scream from the boundary line. Also you are not a bunch of honourable monks. In reality you are a gang of murders still haven’t faced the music. If MR was there back in 71 you murders would’ve crushed like a Cockroach.

  8. I think it is alright to meet MR to see if he will not contest the coming election to keep the SLFP intact. That is his job as the president of the SLFP. MR has the right to ask what he wants to save him and his people being tried at the courts. But the president should not give in to his unreasonable requests. The people voted him out for his callousness,greed for power ,corruption and for aiding and abetting murder,drug import and misuse of government funds among his other wrong doings!

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