CBK has no intention of returning to politics

CBK4Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga says she has no intention of returning to politics.

Kumaratunga said that she is not “mad” to return to politics like some others who are attempting to return to power.

Speaking to reporters in Kandy today, Kumaratunga said that she went home after 12 years in politics on her own free will.

“I have no intention to get back to power,” she asserted.

She claimed that those who are attempting to return to power are those who have things to hide and want to use the power of politics to hide the truth.

The former President said that she had nothing to hide and that she was never involved in corruption or crime.

Kumaratunga however said that she will assist those in power to rebuild the country without returning to politics. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Madam, you have already done immense damage to politics in SL by helping the gullible, backboneless Maithripala to stab his leader on the back to become a figurehead President. For the past six months we had a government that was only listening to US, UK and India and wooing all those western countries risking the sovereignty of Sri Lanka. Interim Prime Minister was a surrogate who did not deserve to lead the country, who was only aiming to have a dissolution of Parliament to have an early election so that he can fish in troubled waters.

    Mr. Sirisena took decisions on the behest of US, UK and India rather than consulting his own party members and ministers. Even his closest friends like Rajitha, SB and Mangala came to know about parliament dissolution from foreign ambassadors! What a shame!
    In the past six months, our country had no focus on internal affairs, reconciliation of the ethnic issue, or even a right approach on foreign policy. Rather Mangala was just gallivanting all over the world without any purpose. He is one of the worst foreign ministers SL ever had. Already UN has taken us for a ride!

    Possibly GBK cannot do anything to rectify the damage she jointly brought about to this country, so she is now declaring she is not interested in politics.
    Please go back to UK and enjoy life. The damage you did in SL is too much to bear!

  2. No comparison between you and MR. He saved our country. You and UNP are the undercover agents for LTTE. Like comparing a Lion to a stray dog

  3. She is fully aware that her time is long passed and she cannot come back to politics even if she wants, because she cannot gather even 100 people in he own electorate to listen to her.

  4. I hope she never comes back to power she is a liar, she has taken more money then any of the Rajapakshas. She is ashamed to be a Sinhalese and this is the woman who slyly got back to power with the help of Sirisina. Do the srilankans a favour and get lost.

  5. No need, go back to England, and stay there and never come back, If you want to help us here in Sri Lanka.

  6. This person is insane, is any one ask you to come back for politics again, (may be some of your corrupt friends) but Mahinda case is different. you trying to take revenge from your opponent and destroy our party and country.
    You have done enough damage country and party not like your parents. Have a nice drink and go to sleep.

  7. MR is a person rejected by the people within just 6 month
    It’s crazy and greedy to power to make others powerless
    He must be forced to retire

  8. Probably at 70 years of age she cannot enjoy SCOTH as before. From readers’ comments on every statement she makes, she understands how unpopular she is among Sri Lankans. Not other former leader in Sri Lanka was unpopular to that level.

  9. She should be drunk again on Birthday to make these comments to media. She observed five precepts but get drunk every day. Always she is late for official event as she wakes up late due to alcohol in the night. Being a woman and a mother, her character was not suited for a Sri Lankan President. What development you are going to offer to Sri Lanka now as you did nothing during your time. You even sold our Air Lanka to pocket the profit. How much Tsunami money you took at the time?

  10. “I have no intention to get back to power,” she asserted. This is the most untrustworthy president in history so above comment is an insult to Sri lanka as she should not even mention about “coming to power”. This short-sighted lady ran away from SLFP to join MEP. Then ran away to Europe with stolen money just after presidency. Now came back to take revenge from political enemies specially Rajapaksa. She is the one incited timid Sirisena to contest against Rajapaksa to achieve her goal. But she knew it will destroy SLFP and also Sri Lanka, but she did not care as she can go back to Europe any time. We cannot forget her comments about “it is shame to be a Sri Lankan” so why you came back?

  11. We all well come ,do not try rule and ruin our nation again for another couples of years.
    That is aspiration of Majority wish of Our country people, CBK must leave politics once and for all.

    Your policies and UNP-Wicks policies have no differences.

    CBK is failure of set of rule of governances.

    • Your use by date is long gone. So, don’t even try to come back. One cannot hide what is already known.

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