UNP has not given up on unity Government

eran-wickramaratneThe United National Party (UNP) says it has not given up on forming a national unity Government after the Parliament elections.

Deputy Minister and former Parliamentarian Eran Wickramaratne told reporters today that UNP leader and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has made it clear the UNP will look to work with other political parties even after the August election.

He also said the UNP has been preparing to face the Parliament elections since January when it took office in the Government, as it knew the Government appointed then was only for a short period.

The Deputy Minister said that the first real indication of the ground support the UNP was able to gather after the January 8 Presidential elections, was seen during the May Day rally this year where thousands had gathered to support the party.

“So we have prepared the party at ground level. We are now preparing our policy for the future and that will be included in our election manifesto,” he added.

Wickramaratne said the August 17 Parliament elections will not be about individuals but a group which will be forming the next Government.

The Deputy Minister also rejected allegations that the UNP had attempted to prevent the Parliament committee findings on Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran over the bond issue, from being made public.

He said that while Parliament was dissolved when the committee was conducting inquiries over the allegations, he will be making a request to make the findings public despite the dissolution of Parliament. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. These UNP leaders are shameless maggots without a policy. They do not hesitate to destroy the country for any personal benefit. They are poor in politics so they do a;; menial things to get power. UNP is disgrace now.

  2. All noble thinking. But have you ever supported a governing party when you are in opposition. Every time Ranil went abroad he was canvassing not to help Sri Lanka. Ranil holding on to his leadership position even after 30 defeats is a disgrace. Even the defeat of MR was made possible by Ranil and CBK giving promises to the Tamil parties and the 7% Tamil Vote. They had bogus propaganda through their TV channels. Mind you the recent regulations to control media only apply to government controlled outlets and not the UNP controlled private broadcasters.

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