Government investigating KP to freeze funds

KPThe government says it is investigating the activities of Kumaran Pathmanathan (KP) in an attempt to eventually freeze, once and for all, the financial networks of the LTTE.

A Foreign Ministry statement issued today quoted Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera as saying that  KP was, in February, banned from leaving the country.

“Our government is continuing to intensify relations with our intelligence networks abroad and has increased access to real time information from these sources about the activities of the LTTE,” Samaraweera said.

Samaraweera said that the former Government allowed KP to live in Killinochchi and take charge of an NGO handling refugees and victims.

“This is a man who is believed to possess information on the LTTE’s vast international assets – so why was the government protecting him? And moreover, why was the government protecting him when previous US State Department reports noted that LTTE financial networks continued to function? Our government on the other hand, banned KP from leaving the country in February and is investigating his activities, so we may freeze once and for all the financial networks of the LTTE.,” the Foreign Minister said.

He also said that today, the Government is renewing its relations with the international community and is engaging with its bilateral partners as opposed to just lecturing them and talking at them which the previous Government used to do.

He says the Government engage in conversations with the international community in a rational manner on what Sri Lanka’s real concerns are and are able to take steps to build confidence so that Sri Lanka can share information, share intelligence and work together to combat terrorism. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It took 169 days and had to wait till dissolution of parliament to talk about KP. KP and LTTE assets was a top story on last campaign against MR but kept silence after cumming to power. Just big talkers no action, doing a disgusting political campaign.

  2. Yahapalanya printed more than Rs 53 billion notes during last few weeks as they did not have nit generated any money form development. Probably they need KP money to put in their pockets. Whatever background KP had he helped Sri Lanka to defeat Terrorism at the end. What Ranil and Chandrika are doing the opposite together with useless Sirisena.

  3. Mangala is talking with two tongues. Only a feaw days ago he said he wanted to lift the ban on LTTE linked diaspora organizations and sympathizers. Now he is taking about “intensifying the intelligence to track more information about LTTE activities. Mangala please be cautious about what you mutter!

  4. KP ran 21 ships for LTTE. picture of one ship was in the media after his capture. MR regime secretly sold the ships and the funds generated are in a secret account, it was rumoured. FCID should investigate.

  5. LTTE would be happy to see KP put out of action, for having left the LTTE group and providing vital information on LTTE activities to the Government.

  6. He could contest the election as Rajapaksa’s Deputy. Citizens, it is up to you to decide if you want the “Ali Baba” and the thieves back or not.

  7. Now Mahinda Rajapaksa has to think twice to contest the election in August, because a storm is coming his way 😉

    The UNP is not alone it has invincible power behind it 😉

    • Hi Anthony how is the defamation case going calling you out as a LTTE sympathizer and Western hater in Wellington defendant told me he haven’t received the summons yet and he is been waiting over year.

  8. Wow bravo another investigation should put up a big screen like the one US Debt Clock in real time in Galle Face so people can keep a breast of it. When is the terrorist Col Karuna investigation going to start.

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