Ranil wants to end Mahinda’s reign for good

Ranil-Wickramasinghe1Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says the United National Party (UNP) will use the August 17 Parliament elections to bury former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s reign for good.

He said that despite Rajapaksa losing the January 8 Presidential election, there is a push to bring him back to power through the Parliament election.

Wickremesinghe however said he is confident the UNP will win the election and defeat any attempt by Rajapaksa to form a new Government.

Speaking in Nawalapitiya today, Wickremesinghe said that the UNP will not be contesting the Parliament polls with the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP).

The UNP leader noted that his party will look to continue with the good governance concept used at the last Presidential elections.

He said that the public however me be allowed to decide who they feel is best to govern the country. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This time around, people of Sri Lanka will undoubtedly deliver their best response yet.. UNP will not see the true light of day until it is devoid of its hidden agendas and spineless leaders.

  2. Politics is a dirty pit, a load of garbage. I will distance myself very soon from all of these things. Nothing is worthwhile – Venerable Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thera

    I agree with him. I will do the same. I may help the Sri Lankan children to have English skills, in order to build their lives in other countries. This country won’t come up. We can not change this, let’s accept the fact and move on.

    • Oh! Please don’t Antany Peter what will happen to all those cases you have taken up against Rajapaksa and his supporters at International Courts of Justice at Hague you have to see them to the end.
      Once you conclude everything I will shout you a ticket to Sri Lanka so you can help Sri Lankan kids to be fluent in English. You know my number to call.
      Ah! By the way [can not] is one word (cannot) and secondly “Kids to have English skill” dose it sound right?. But I wouldn’t dare to question intellectual giant like you.

  3. do you think you can win election in Srilanka working against majority in collaboration with anti Buddhists and covering up huge rouges like DS and even CB bond issue.

  4. Talk is cheep. But I see a bigger problem before Mahinda and his family of thieves to leave for good what would you promise him as a Diamond hand shake. one can imagine Terriest Karuna and KP is living on pigs back on

  5. What mr wickramasinghe does not see is that he is a lousy politician and his mouth works faster than his head.We have already seen how the current administration has done nothing to improve the country instead is taking the country away from development path.He will definitely be a sure looser in the next election.

  6. Aney buruwo, was that good governance? If so you and your cursed party should be buried alive, never to rise up again. It will be such a blessing to the future of SL, never to have such lying, corrupt, treacherous and shameless parasites claiming leadership in a country trying to rebuild their lives. Get lost.

  7. Its not winning or loosing.
    Ranil blurts like an idiot and thereby alienating the UNP supporters from the party.

    Ranil can not deprive MR, it has to be the people. He must ask the people to do so.
    Ranil is a born looser.

  8. Ranil is dreaming of becoming the leader of UNP in the election, but he has to face the contest for leadership before nominations.

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