MR will decide on polls after talks with party

Mahinda RajapaksaFormer President Mahinda Rajapaksa is keen on getting the views of leaders and members of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and the party’s allies before taking any decision about his participation in the Parliamentary polls, Dilan Perera, SLFP spokesperson, said, according to The Hindu newspaper.

“He is willing to do anything to keep the party united,” the spokesperson replied, to a query whether the former President would agree not to contest in the elections on the condition that most of the party tickets was given to his supporters.

Asked about the discussion held by a six-member committee, constituted by the SLFP chairperson and President Maithripala Sirisena to thrash out inner-party issues, with Mr Rajapaksa on Thursday morning, the spokesperson, who is also a member of the panel, said the discussion was “fruitful” and “several issues” were covered.

In the event of the two camps facing the polls together, the party would emerge victorious and form a “stable government,” a scenario which India also would like to see in Sri Lanka, Perera added.


  1. If you have any feeling for this little nation of ours you will flee back to your mansions in USA and enjoy your ill-gotten wealth. Let us be in peace and celebrate the many religions, many races,castes and creed that our country adorns.

  2. When JR -UNP became Primer-Minister in 1977 he was over 70 years.

    The crux of matter is not that age ,Ours political mission that we want safeguard Democracy, Independent and Sovereignty of Sri lanka.

    Mahinda Rajapakase was elected and tested leader of our country since 2005.

    We have give him another term to be proved, his democratic credentials.

    • That frustrated old man, J.R. Jayawardena, is responsible for a good deal of the mess we got in to. His second term was really bad. Had he led the country when he was 50 years old, it may have been a different story.

      We gave MaRa one term, and he rid us of terrorism, but the means he used to do so have yet to be investigated.

      He wanted a second term because HE thought he deserved our gratitude. Not a good reason.

      If he couldn’t prove his democratic credentials in two terms, do you think it reasonable to ask us to give him a third term to do so? Who does he think he is? Can you justify his regarding 20 million of us as his toys?

      Dear, Mr Yatawara, please vote for him if you want to, don’t ask me to do so! Well, you can ask, but I won’t oblige; at the same time, I don’t regard you as some sort of enemy!

  3. People want you to take over the government gain, they not worried about a party or a symbol. People have seen enough of UNP big talkers and weak MS leadership. People want a strong leader and want all the development project going again, want to see the smart Gotabaya taking his duties again

  4. We do not want you, or any other corrupt persons nominated by the SLFP. You are again trying to lay down conditions. Whom do you mean by “your supporters”?

    If you are “willing to do anything to keep the party united” just support the Maithri campaign and subject yourself to discipline while doing so.

    A 70-year-old should understand that his has to be a supporting role. Your 2009 achievement was great; now rest on those laurels.

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