UN urges Government to consult everyone

Farhan HaqThe United Nations has reiterated calls to the Government to consult broadly with all political parties and others when investigating incidents related to the war.

Echoing comments made recently by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Farhan Haq, Deputy Spokesman for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, said that the new Government in Sri Lanka has passed a constitutional amendment which, if implemented appropriately, brings renewed hope for democracy and the rule of law.

“In this regard, it is important that the Government consults broadly with all political parties, civil society, and above all victims and their families, to ensure full national support and ownership of these processes,” he said.

Haq said the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights remains engaged in discussions with the Sri Lankan authorities on the need for transparent and inclusive processes to develop credible mechanisms for accountability and reconciliation. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. ‘UN urges Government to consult everyone’ it means consult the masters of divide and conquer strategy and their puppets as well 😉

  2. UN, please be impartial. Have you ever spoken about war in Iraq? How many innocent people got killed by areal attacks but please investigate them too in the same away.

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