TNA wants political prisoners freed first

P.AriyanenthiranThe Tamil National Alliance (TNA) today called on the Government to free Tamil political prisoners before holding a festival for the diaspora in Sri Lanka.

TNA Batticaloa District Parliamentarian P. Ariyanenthiran said that the Government has kept saying they will release the Tamil political prisoners but yet they have not been freed.

He said that the Tamils cannot accept holding a festival for the Tamil Diaspora before measures are taken to release the Tamils in jail.

The Government had recently said that it will be holding a major festival in Colombo with the participation of the Sri Lankan diaspora.

Ariyanenthiran said that the TNA welcomes holding a festival for the diaspora but cannot accept priority been given for such an event and not the release of Tamil political prisoners. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. People can be pardoned if decided to join the Government side of investigation. It happens everywhere in the world.

  2. Why a separate Tamil eelam too as pre condition. TNA is like a camel in the tent in a desert. May be they are planning another fireworks with the released LTTE prisoners

  3. Sirisena egime should have common sense to identify description between political prisoners and prisoners involved in terrorism.

    • You are right. Rajapaksa’s friends Karuna, Pillayan and Kumaran Pathmanathan should be in jail. Why were they minister, chief minister and living a luxury life now while low level cadres of the LTTE are in jail? Many who are in jail are suspects and never taken to court to prove their guilt.

  4. Anyone connected to LTTE should not be released. Tamil diaspora wants to fool the government as they assume Sirisena as a weak President.

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