Navy arrests 78 people heading to Australia

asylumThe navy arrested 78 people while they were attempting to travel to Australia illegally by boat, the navy media unit said.

Navy Spokesperson Commander Indika Silva said that out of the 78 arrested, 17 were Sinhalese while 59 were Tamils.

Silva said the illegal immigrants were arrested at 12.30 a.m., 65 miles off Kirinda and were taken to the Galle Harbour by Navy officials.

Those arrested were then handed over to the Galle Police.


  1. Present Govt . .under the leadership of MS regime must stop human smuggle form Sri lanka.
    That is also is part of good governance and rule of Law which that promised in the last election by MS , UNP-Wickramasinghe and CBK regime.

    If MS regime allows their allies of TNA and LTTE of Tamils continuation of human traffic keep blind eye on by foreign Ministry, which smugglers that violated international law and order will created bad image for Sri lanka.

    By and large MS led that present junta regime must stop human trafficking by implementing enforcement authorities to work on rule of law to respected International Law and Order.

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