Soldier sentenced to death for Jaffna murders

gavelA soldier was today sentenced to death over the murder of eight people in the year 2000 in Mirusuvil, Jaffna.

The Colombo High Court sentenced the soldier to death after he was found guilty over the murders. Four others were acquitted over the case.


  1. Apply the same conditions for LTTE carders as they were illegal force and no authority to kill anyone. The relatives and wives appealing for “Human Rights” were also murders. This is a good move, please sentence all diaspora crowd with death penalty.

    • And KP worried about his security. ha ! or and half paralyzed some what sexually impotent Kudu Duminda still free as can be.

  2. I would have been happier if the soldier was subjected to a Court Martial so that all matters relating to the army could have been aired without infringing National Security.

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