Natasha a judge in top Russian music contest

10Sri Lanka’s Natasha Ratnayake has been included in the panel of judges for a top international song contest to be held in Russia.

Since 2011, the Pirogovsky Urban Settlement hosts the international festival that gathers together talented young people from the CIS countries and far abroad thus giving them the opportunity to learn more about Russia, its history, culture and nature, to show their artistic potential and share their creative achievements with the world.

The idea to organize an international pop music festival was not an up-to-the minute decision, but a carefully thought-over plan of Imperia Ltd., a Russia-based event agency headed by Leonid Kolobayev, who, having developed the detailed concept of the talent competition and introduced it to the administration of the Pirogovsky Urban Settlement, Moscow Region.

In 2011, thanks to the sincere interest and priceless assistance of Yury Ulanov, the Mayor of Pirogovsky, the first “Pirogovsky Rassvet” International Contest for Pop Singers took place.

Over the years singers from 29 countries have taken part in the contest. All of them are experienced artists, some – national pop stars and former participants of globally popular talent competitions as “X-Factor”, “Pop Idol” and “Eurovision.”

Since 2012, “Pirogovsky Rassvet” has been broadcast live over the Internet and last year’s edition was watched by some 30,000 viewers with 3,000-4,000 spectators enjoying the show at the venue (“Trud”Stadium, Pirogovsky).

The upcoming edition of the contest has a really strong judging panel consisting of five reputable producers, composers and singers from different corners of the world, This includes:

Natasha Rathnayake, Sri Lankan superstar who, being an authentic female artist with a true story of struggle, battle and victory, empowers women in Asia to go beyond through her music and various social engagements;

Marco Napoli, Italian producer, composer, writer and, above all, professional musical therapist; director of Apm Progetto Musica, official representative of “Pirogovsky Rassvet” in Italy and San Marino;

Nijole Berezina, singer, producer and vocal trainer from Latvia, who opened the doors to the professional future before a good many today’s Latvian pop stars. Founder and organizer of the Aprīļa Pilieni International Contest, official representative of “Pirogovsky Rassvet” in the Baltic Countries;

Michalis Antoniou, famous Cypriot composer, currently living in Qatar, official representative of Pirogovsky Rassvet in Cyprus and Greece. His latest musical project, The Passport To The World, a tribute to Michalis as composer, has united singers from over 30 countries;

Mikhail Shabrov, Chairman of the Jury, song lyricist and cultural influence, awardee of the Russian Author’s Society for his significant contribution into the scientific and cultural development of the Russian Federation.