Names of LTTE cares who surrendered revealed

wifemalaravanThe names of several LTTE members who had surrendered to the army during the final stages of the war in 2009 were revealed at an event held in Geneva on the sidelines of the UN Human Rights Council meeting.

Relatives of LTTE leaders, including Nadesan and Pulitheven, explained the circumstances that led to their surrender and their subsequent disappearance at the meeting in Geneva.

The wife of Malavaran, an LTTE member who was among several who had reportedly surrendered to the army, said that soldiers who could speak in Tamil had mentioned the names of those who had surrendered in May 2009.

She mentioned some of the names and the rank they held in the LTTE, adding that since then they have not been heard of.

Nadesan’s son told the gathering at the meeting that the last words of his father was that he was going to surrender to the army but was later found shot dead.

Pulitheven’s wife said that several family members of the LTTE leaders had also surrendered and even they are still missing. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. These self serving former LTTE loyalist fabricate,invent. Stories .this is true nature of present society .No matter what evidence is given by the Sri Lanka it will all be ignored and UNHCR will follow its own agenda.It is only the people who suffered during LTTE suicide attack period will know what it was to get rid of this ruthless terrorists.It is high time that the Western nations join hands with Sri Lanka to move forward to secure a wonderful future for its future generation.

    • The Western governments won’t join with the Sri Lankan government, but the West will join with the people who keep the West on top. You don’t know how diligently and wisely they play their game. You can’t comprehend the West, if you do you wouldn’t fight since 1948. I have gained the knowledge from the West, but failed to analyse whether you would understand the knowledge what I have gained. That is where I have failed.

      • For my knowledge if I worked for the West I would have got Nobel Peace award. But gained nothing from the Sri Lankan fools.

  2. These wives now shedding crocodile tears but most of them were also in the LTTE carrying out the task of killing captured soldiers and slashing throats of innocent villagers in boarder. These people should be arrested and investigated as they are in public now. Easy to catch… cannot hide again

  3. Today a Sri Lankan army sergeant was given the death penalty for massacring 8 tamil civilians. In Geneva relatives of LTTE surrendees who were massacred by the Sri Lankan military revealed their names. The Rajapaksa regime lied to protect its murderers in the military because they committed the murders on the orders of the Rajapaksa brothers.

    When the UNHRC report comes out the Rajapaksas and the leaders of the military will have nowhere to hide.

    • Why LTTE carders carried Cyanide capsules around their neck? To eat when they are hungry? No, they want to commit suicide when get caught. So why these terrorists still running the campaign with Western countries to resurrect died suicide carders?

  4. Just because he said he was going to surrender , it does not mean he did it . What is the proof he surrendered ? Can this be proved beyond reasonable doubt . LTTE always said something and did something else. It is well own that LTTE killed anyone who dared to surrender . How do we know for sure that LTTE did not kill him ? These are all alegations that until proven without reasonable doubt .

  5. The drama has started to unfold, let’s see Ranil and Mangala or even Rajapaksas have the power to control it 😉 You all thought you are smarter than Antany Peter who lived in four continents, traveled to more than 25 countries and done two researches equal to two PhDs on the Western power and Asian weakness.

  6. They could have surrendered many many times before they dragged the war on and realised that they would be defeated. In late 2008 and Early Jan 2009 that were given the opportunity to do this.. And they Rejected this completely and was fighting with the Lives of every tamil. Also we must never forget the circumstances in the battlefield when previous so called LTTE surrenders got close to the Army Lines holding White Flags only to blow themselves up in a cruel military tactic (suicide bomber) designed by these very leaders relatives. Also there should be more transparency on how and WHO this information has been obtained. And lest not fool ourselves. These people Joined a TERRORIST organisation, they were Ranked the most dangerous than Al qaeda according to the FBI. And they would not get a reputation like that by talking about Human rights. Wonder what would the USA and the WEST do if the families of the terrorist were given such a platform , when the killed Terrorist???

  7. All these campaigners have one common thing in their mind. Taking revenge form Sri Lanka Government and Rajapaksa for destroying their dream of EELAAM. Otherwise why they never raised the issue for LTTE killing of Tamil people? If these terrorist relative demand these in America, all these illegal migrants would end up in Guantanamo-bay like prisons for interrogating. Unfortunately division among Sri Lankan people provide the opportunity for these people to misuse the word “Human right” but they know how many lives were lost by these terrorists.

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