Diaspora group intensifies moves against Lanka

RudraA diaspora organisation based in the United States has intensified its campaign against Sri Lanka in an attempt to refer the country to the International Criminal Court.

The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) led by former LTTE member V. Rudrakumaran, said that a signature campaign to urge the United Nations to Refer Sri Lanka to the International Criminal Court for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed against Tamils by the Sri Lankan State, has reached over 200,000 signatures as of June 22nd.

It also said that in addition to the on-line signature campaign, numerous events are taking place in different countries around the world to collect signatures.

“Volunteers are going house to house to collect signatures. Additionally they collect signatures outside places of worship, in shopping malls, sports meets and other public events. Signatures are also being collected at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva,” the TGTE said.

This signature campaign was formally launched by former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark outside the UN headquarters in New York. During the inauguration he said “The suffering of the Tamils should come to an end, and Tamils should get justice.”

The petition observed that the presence of the former Commander of the Sri Lankan military in the present Government, and the potential culpability of the new President, Maithripala Sirisena, will not be conducive to meting out justice in any manner other than through a referral to the International Criminal Court.

The appeal also notes that according to the UN Internal Review Report on Sri Lanka, there were “credible estimates” of civilian casualties of 70,000 Tamils during the first six months in 2009.

The Petition Further States that the current situation in Sri Lanka constitutes an ongoing “threat to the peace” under Chapter 7 Article 39 of the UN Charter, because there has been absolutely no accountability for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Is this the USA way of controlling terrorism. It seems the USA has allowed the LTTE to fly their recently designed flag, even though it is a banned organisation. Will the US allow ISIS and Nazis also to fly their flags on US soil?

    As for the Tiger diaspora demand, the first people to be investigated should be the perpetrators of LTTE led crimes and the LTTE diaspora easily qualifies to be at the front end. Let us hope those foreign governments not get fooled by the LTTE diaspora.

    • The LTTE Front organizations in the West have gotten renewed courage and impetus from the defeat of MR and in particular, the presence of Mangala and Ranil

      They have every confidence that these two gentlement will soon sell Sri Lanka to the West, have our armed forces sent up to face trial and in general, ruin Sri Lanka.

      Mangala and Ranil will fulfill their hopes for sure. Because they have to live up to their pro-Western leanings

  2. In sri Lanka generally every community suffers due to inefficient bad governance , weak low and order, bureaucracy,sinhala -tamil- muslim extremism.look at our political parties… some represent sinhala only..some for tamil only..some speak only about muslims. In 21st century Barak Husain obama runs US being a black man.we are light years away from this perception.

  3. If Sri Lankan government punish all those who committed crimes against innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka, and resolve ethnic problem with Singhalese supports and acceptable to Tamils, Sri Lanka will be paradise. Unfortunately, extremism among Singhalese will not that happen. Most Tamils view the Singhalese government is an abuser and have had enough suffering. That’s the main reason, Tamils want to separate and it is not because Tamils hates Singhalese.

    • After war finished in 2009, in all SSC and HSC exams Tamil students had been given high marks by Tamil medium “paper markers” so this was very unfair for Sinhalese students. Government was aware of this but did not object to avoid another “Harthal”. Can you do this type of exam frauds in Thamil-nadu? Tamil people should be fair to Sinhalese.

      • Dear Pinto,

        Such this could have happened, but the reverse is also possible with Sinhalese examiners under-marking Tamil students, and happens, at least in marking the not so important English papers.

        However, I wonder how reliable your information is. The two exams you refer to ceased to exist about sixty years ago. When I listen to persons referring to the G.C.E. (O. Level) and (A. Level) exams in this way, I usually decide that people as fuzzy as that cannot do well at an exam!

  4. This will not go away. The Diaspora will want vengeance (even more than eelam) and the eighteen million mainstream Sinhalese and Muslims will never let that just happen. They (the Western nations like The U.S., U.K., Scandinavia, Canada etc may get a UN order to impose sanctions, shut-down the trade routes etc and demand the extradition of the Mara crowd. The Sinhala extremists will form a human shield and shed blood until the last drop. In the meantime, China with the help of Russia will step in and literally take over the country from the South to the North. It happened before in history and will happen again unless we learn. If My3 allows too much leeway to the N.E and diaspora, watch out.

  5. UNP knows the only way to remain in power is to send MR to Haig then the Electric chair. Well done Ranil, smart thinking politition

  6. The number of civilians injured were 18500 and no. of deaths has to be lower than that. In any war the number of civilians killed is lower than the number injured. Therefore these estimates are fake.

  7. I am sorry for being honest. The South Asians are not smart as the West; especially Tamils and Sinhalese are not smart enough to deal with the powerful and knowledgeable West. The worse is coming to Sri Lanka and Indian Ocean. I don’t think you can stop it. Do you believe that the Indian leaders can help you, or fight with the West? Remember, the Indian leaders do not even provide clean water and basic sanitation to their own 600 million people. South Asia meant to be under the West, Chinese, Japanese and South East Asians. You can’t change this with the current political leaders, editors, university professors,, school principals and employers. You all are part of the problem, and you enjoys being under others by destroying your own smart and honest people.

    • Please understand we in Sri Lanka are very happy with the knowladge we have just because you had no balls to face the music when it matters it doesnt give you the right to give your stupid ideas to us,

      Let me rephase it for you, you ran away to the west without fighting for what you beleive, we stayed here and fought and won

      so f… your self wanker,

      • You stayed here and fought and won, but too scared reveal your name. LOL the whole world knows who is the real wanker.

    • Dear Antany Peter

      India has a 5000+ year civilisation, China also, and most other countries in Asia

      Contrastingly, the West came out of the Dark Ages a mere few hundred years ago.

      The only reason the West is in it’s current position today is that they mastered the art of applying organised violence to any situation. We in the East did not consider violence a first measure – the West did, and by those means, conquered the East

      They still believe in the application of violence as the first measure.

      If anyone is “under others”, it is you, since you admire them so much. The West is facesitting you my friend.. clearly you like it ! 🙂

  8. Tamils must be patient until all Sri Lankans have elected honest and reasonable persons to parliament. I want all citizens, and even former citizens, to be part of our country. Not everyone need agree with me, but that’s not a problem, so long as you eschew violence and sabotage. I don’t want Eelam, but some of you politically advocating it is no crime.

    However, my feeling is that few Tamils want separatism. The Rajapaksas and the BBS may want the numbers to increase. It’s up to each of us to reject extremism, and strive for reconcilliation. As a Sinhalese, I affirm your right to think differently, but I appeal to you to be prudent in all that you say and do.

    • “However, my feeling is that few Tamils want separatism.”

      You are wrong. Tamils do not want separatism. They want a proper solution where they can live peacefully and with rights. Only way to achieve this in a united Sri Lanka is to have a federal setup for all the provinces.

      • So we agree. I’m making this point because you may not have been careful in reading. And, after all, English is not our language.

        More and more I’m beginning to realise that many misunderstandings are caused by problems of language. So, there is a significant difference between “few” and “a few”. I hope that you don’t mind my making this comment, and let’s work together!

  9. Rudrakumaran and all these followers never talk about innocent Muslims and Tamil and Sinhalese killed by the LTTE in cold blood. Many in the “missing peoples list” are in these parades shouting against Sri Lanka, but they themselves are the missing ones. Because they have changed the identity, they unaccounted for Sri Lankan head counts.

    The problem is Sirisena did a mistake by joining the west so no support from West or other Sri Lanka friendly countries in UN. Also Sirisena has to listen to Tamil Diaspora as they claim Sirisena won because of their votes.

    • You make a valid point, we need the west and we should be very sensitive all, Just becase we are with in line with the west we dont have to do what ever they say,

      We need the diaspora to come to Sri Lanka and see how good our lives are now compared when MR was in power,

      I strongly beleive Sri Lanka will be power house way before any other country in asia as we are a proud nation and we will do whats right for the future as past is past and we canot change it

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