TNA, Maithri discuss political solution, land issue

sumanthiran600-34The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) had talks with President Maithripala Sirisena today on a political solution for the Tamils and on the land issue in the North.

TNA Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran said that the talks held today is part of a series of discussions the TNA hopes to have with the President.

He said that the land issue has not been addressed in a satisfactory manner and so the issue was raised with the President.

Sumanthiran said that the President had assured he will look into that and take appropriate action.

During the last regime several acres of land had been released by the army in the North to the land owners.

However the TNA feels that more land taken over during the war by the army can be released.

The TNA is also calling for a political solution to address the core issues behind the ethnic conflict.

The last Government began talks with the TNA to reach a political solution but the talks failed to continue following disagreements between both sides. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sumainthiran should not be allowed to talk about Tamils Future.It looks like TNA as a whole had got caught to Ranil.This is going to lead the Tamils to slavery.Some sensible people who are loyal to the Tamil people should come up to save the Tamils from TNA who after power and money

  2. By the way people didn’t choose M.A. Sumanthiran. Under what circumstances he was chosen? Smart people know who is behind him.

    People didn’t choose Mangala either, why he is the best candidate for the foreign minister position?

    We need a new system to bring out the best candidates and let the people to choose the right person according to education and professional experience.

  3. TNA,is cheating the tamils by telling lies.They are not doing anything to uplift the tamils from economic difficulties.The TNA,supported the MUSLIM CONGRESS, in the east to form the provincial council,but what is happening there? the money allocated to develope the tamil areas are passed to the muslim areas with the help of the coruppted politicians of the TNA in the council as well as the MPS of the parliment from that area. lands belonging to tamils are illegally occupied by mualims and sinhslese whereas,the head of the TNA is turning a blind eye towards the these activities,telling that tamils want to live in peace with other communities.It is very difficult to live with thieves.

  4. Mr. TNA, Pls tell us the core issues behind ethnic conflict.

    Besides, there is no conflict among masses on ethnicity in Sri Lanka and all have been created by petty politician for their gains.

    Pls answer my main question that is what are core issues behind ethnic conflict?????

    • Matchang Tissa:

      Nothing….Nothing…..I totally agreed with you. Petty-worm (from hell) politicians from North & South created this mess. We all SRILANKANss

  5. Whilst the strident politicians are shouting themselves hoarse, it is good to know that reasonable people from across the board are meeting and discussing these very serious issues which have to be handled carefully.

    Land rights rouse passions everywhere. Not only does the President himself care for issues pertaining to the environment and the lives of simple folk who live on and off the land, but he has appointed one of his trusted colleagues who had the courage and commitment to plunge in to the Presidential melee with him, as Minister of Lands. Negotiating on the other side is a tri-lingual lawyer who is committed to solving problems.

    It is to be hoped that in matters of this nature the officials of the Ministry are also associated. The success of these operations depend on how soon these officials acquire the confidence to act on their own in acceptable, sensible, and sustainable ways.

    Maithri is clearly working long and hard to quietly solve the most pressing problems that face us, and thereby ensuring that we remain a happy and united country, but we must also be grateful that there are the likes of Sumanthiran on the other side.

  6. There were Muslims and Sinhalese were in North before the LTTE ruling. Can TNA agree to bring them back? Otherwise Sirisena should not bow the mead to TNA pressure for suggestions leading to division among people and more importantly Sri Lanka. Selfishness has no place in harmony so TNA should understand it.

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