I Feel SLOVEnia: A taste from the Green Jewel

Chef Crt in actionCommemorating the Slovenian National Day, Mount Lavinia Hotel opens doors to the Slovenian food festival from 25th to the 30th June.

Nestled in Southern Central Europe and bordering the Mediterranean Sea, Slovenia boasts of significant bio diversity and is one of the most water-rich countries in Europe. Slovenian cuisine is a mixture of the Central European cuisine (especially Austrian and Hungarian), the Mediterranean cuisine and the Balkan cuisine. Due to the variety of Slovenian cultural and natural landscapes, there are more than 40 distinct regional cuisines.

Slovenian chef Crt Butul along with his able assistant Kristina will present a variety of Slovenian cuisine as never witnessed in Sri Lanka before.

Chefs Kristina and CrtInfluenced by his parents and grandparents, Chef Crt’s culinary journey began at a very young age at his own home kitchen. Understanding the importance of the quality of home-grown Slovenian ingredients, he claims to “pay more attention lately to ancient recipes and cooking techniques which include burning with direct fire, fermentation, using wild plants and innovative matching of new flavors of already known ingredients”.

Drawing experience from his culinary journey in Zum Alten Stephan, a Michelin star awarded restaurant and L’auberge in Langenthal, Switzerland, Chef Crt’s main principle is that he draws his inspiration and ingredients from his very own environment.

Make a date with Chef Crt at the exclusive event ‘Cook with Crt’ as he takes you through a whole new experience in experimental culinary art. Join him as he draws his creativity from the immediate surroundings to create the best gastronomical masterpieces.

Step into Mount Lavinia Hotel for a truly unique experience and fall in love with Europe’s Green Jewel.

25th – 30th June

7.00 – 10.30 pm

Sunset Lounge

For more information: 0112 711 711 Ext. 430/446