UNP says Ali baba’s thieves attempting to grab power

Akila Viraj KariyawasamThe ruling United National Party (UNP) says “Ali baba’s thieves” who were in the Government before the January 8 Presidential elections, are attempting to return to power.

UNP spokesman Akila Viraj Kariyawasam said that the the thieves are looking at contesting the next Parliament elections but are unlikely to be endorsed by the public.

“We cut the tree which was involved in corruption but the roots have yet to be fully unearthed. It is those roots which are now attempting to return to power. It is like Ali baba and the 40 thieves. But there are more than 40 thieves,” he said.

Kariyawasam said that the corrupt politicians who are attempting to return to Parliament at the next Parliament elections are looking at escaping from facing action against corruption.

The UNP MP, meanwhile, insisted that the UNP is confident it can win the Parliament elections with majority support.

He also rejected the idea that President Maithripala Sirisena won the last Presidential elections only because he had the support of the minorities. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Alibaba is the Man isn’t he, the one who is going to be the challenge for UNP isn’t it not the MS papet. MS trying hard to show he the one who lead the campaign against UNP yet No UNP personal attack him, its like UNP ignoring him, poor guy must be feeling really worried. The show is over, people knows UNP, MS group and JVP going to joined together after the election, they have one motive, that is to beat MR.

  2. Niranjan I thought you had brains, but mate you are an absolute
    idiot,your brains are in your back side you clown,these
    fellows have ruined the country for trilions and are trying to get away,and you are trying to cover the bastards,you fool,you must be coming from Tissa Central like pachawansa you clown,get lost to Hanbantota whre the rouges are you idiot

  3. Ali Baba is much better choice for the country compared to bunch of useless idiots in current lot who came to power in illegal way as there was no General election conducted. Also we cannot survive without development. You have a donkey mouth but be grateful to Rajapaksa for providing you a peaceful country. Otherwise many “big mouths” boasting today would have been dead and gone; LTTE was that nasty.

    • There’s no shortage of putrid sycophants. How do you equate that MaRa is a better choice. Was it his honesty and free from bribery and corruption, or his thuggery, or his mismanagement landing us in a never ending debt, bankruptcy and under obligation to the Chinese or his white-vanning of the opposition?

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