Gotabaya warns national security at risk

GotaFormer Defence Seretary Gotabaya Rajapakse today warned that national security is at risk since the LTTE international network is still active.

A recent US report claimed last week that despite the military defeat of the LTTE at the hands of the Sri Lankan government in 2009, the LTTE’s international network of sympathizers and financial support still persists.

“The fact that the LTTE’s international network and its sympathisers remain active even after the war, has been noted by me on many previous occasions. They remain committed to the LTTE’s cause and constantly seek ways to resume the struggle for a separate state,” Gotabaya Rajapakse said in a statement.

He also urged President Maithripala Sirisena and the new Sri Lankan government to give utmost consideration to national security and act with more awareness over the prevailing threat.

“It is disappointing to note that many parties have actively tried to downplay the continued threat posed by the LTTE for various reasons, including political ones. Further, because no major attacks by the LTTE have taken place after 2009, there is a widespread public perception that the LTTE no longer poses a threat to this country. The truth, however, is very different,” Rajapakse noted.

Despite the claims, the Sri Lankan government said on Monday that India, the United States and the EU share intelligence with Sri Lanka on the LTTE and other matters and added that government agencies were on alert for any attempt to harm national security. “After all this there is no room for the LTTE to raise its head once again in Sri Lanka,” Deputy Foreign Minister Ajith Perera had asserted. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. People Like Mr.Gotabaya Rajapakse are a gem to country.It is very sad to note that some people are not in a position to recognise this what ever their identity is.It is because these people dirty politicians are born. If you betray your own country they are not human beings.

  2. Put this gota in jail where he belongs, his name does not
    even warrant a capital.
    From a 7/11 employee to a major thief

  3. Gotabhaya does not realise,or too thick to realise, that the Rajapakse regime was the biggest threat to our security. Now that they are gone (but still nudging from the outside) our security has never been safer.

  4. Terrorist and their supporter, who fled overseas, especially to developed countries, will try to make a comeback, National intelligent units and Top Security personals should be on alert and make necessary precautions at least for another generation. Next generation, whom brought up in different culture and in developed economy would not have any motive to involve in these kinds of activities. Even in Sri Lanka, if the development projects started by previous regime continued, next generation of people in a better economic environment would not be tempted to involve in terrorist activities.

    • Yahapaluwa, It would be beneficial if you could list the disasters that would befall Sri Lanka should these people who fled overseas you flippantly name as Terrorists, return. Perhaps it’s their superior education,inter-personnel skills,experience, accumulation of capital and professionalism that you envy.

  5. Its easy to talk and sling mud and its the same old same old song being sung…the fact of the matter you guy’s don’t know jack shit!!! So tone it down and enjoy the new found peace … live life with passion.

  6. On June 19th, the United States released its 2014 “Country Reports on Terrorism”. That related to the period when the Rajapaksas were still harassing Tamils at home and trying to create fears among the Sinhalese.

    Maithri’s government has already persuaded most Tamils that the theme now is reconcilliation. That is the way that the unity of the country is maintained. This wouldn’t suit the Rajapaksas will it?

    So, Gota is back to playing communal games, but can he be blamed when an intellectual of the stature of G.L. Peiris also made misleading statements two days ago?

  7. No where in the U.S. State Department Country Report on terrorism mentions about LTTE being active. The section that refers to Sri Lanka is on pages 248 and 249 of the 388 page report . The report though is critical of the insdequate actions taken by Rajapaksa regime, since the defeat of the LTTE. The full report can be read at the link: The full report is available at:

  8. Trying to ride the wave of fear psychosis. LTTE (KP, Karuna etal) are in bed with Rajapakses. Good try but it’s all bogus speculation. If they raise their heads, SF – the architect of the victory is with the government to quell it again.

  9. This man is trying to bring back fear in the Sinhalese community for their own benefits. He is trying to cover-up their misdeeds (thuggery, corruption, white van syndrome …) by trying to get back to power using this fear factor.

    • mr gota you are trying to fool lthe sinhalase ,what politics for you .while you in secretary to defense . you killed the civilian and man without education became a secretary,please do not mislead the srilankan

  10. Also want to remind that Mahinda Rajapaksha use LTTE for his own benefits. He paid them money and came to power in 2005 with the help of RADA. Gotabhaya knew all these things when he was in US. Now he talks like know nothing! coward!

  11. This person is trying to fish in the mud water. US is regularly issuing reports about world security and threats. Also EU do the same. It has happened even during the Gotabhaya tenure as the secretary defence and also iunder Ratwatte too. Why is he so warried about now. It was a threat under his rule and under his beahviour. We have a bettersystem now. If someone trying to do something it must be suisidal for them. It will be eliminate from the roots at no cost for us. Believe me. This is the truth. Dont be shaken by Gotabhayas fake tears!

  12. National security is at risk because Rajapaksa clan and
    their goons doing everything possible to destabilise the country.Do not forget Rajapaksas worked hand in glove with LTTE in the past.

  13. In support of Mr Gotabhaya Rajapakse,

    Take courage here is a lovely verse, I hope you see it.

    In battle, in the forest, at the precipice in the mountains,
    On the dark great sea, in the midst of javelins and arrows,
    In sleep, in confusion, in the depths of shame,
    The good deeds a man has done before defend him.

    Thank you for all you have done for the country. Hope you get the chance to read this verse and receive comfort from it.

    • Among those who disgraceful, I found one man who cannot forget past, genuine patriot . “COCERNED CITIZEN”. I thank you for your comment. I am living outside our country. But I love our country(Sri Lanka) and love to hear and see people like you “Concerned Citizen”. Not those idiots.

    • You are not concerned about what Rajapaksa’s stole, this country is still suffering from a lack of funds due to this talk to any business and you are calling a common thief Mr you gonaa

  14. Rajapakse families are thugs. They can’t live without stealing billions of dollars. Therefore they will play LTTE slogans all the time to turn the poor uneducated sinhalese masses to their side.

  15. The West is too powerful and knowledgeable, that is why it is indirectly supporting the LTTE, at the same time publicly warning others. This is the difference between the powerful West and Sri Lankans who have been fighting since independence. I have been in Sri Lanka for the last two months. I feel like I am among the walking statues; those walking statues don’t have the ability to think or analyse. I am looking forward to get out from here. Staying here is an insult to the authors of books I have read all around the world.

  16. Here we go again. The LTTE Bogey is used once again to whip up communal clashes so that the extremists can emerge victorious.
    Most Tamils do not and would not support the LTTE. We think the present government would treat everyone fairly and equally, this is what the rest of the civilised world expect.

    • As far as the Tamils of Sri Lanka are concerned, LTTE
      is dead but if certain section of the diaspora continues to hail Ltte, there is nothing much the Govt. and the Sri
      Lankan Tamils can do to stop them, unless the Govts. overseas under whom these people live, should take the initiative to curtail such activities. Suppressing the local Tamils by frightening the majority, spreading Ltte phobia by communal forces in the country is, mean.

  17. This is bull as Gota is just making a statement to look good and deflect the corruption allegations against hi and his clan

  18. Very true. LTTE funds are very much active. KP and RAJAPAKSAs are hiding these funds and they belong to Srilankans. NOT RAJAPAKSAS.

  19. Sadly the independence you won is not valuable to current government. Only corruption matters so they are ready to betray the country for short term benefits. LTTE is not getting up automatically, all weapon manufacturers are behind them so both can achieve their targets.

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