Bringing style and color to your hair

10302099_864574150221039_5255886371413397921_nBy Ashanthi Warunasuriya

Making people look good is not always easy. It is a challenge at times. Jeewan Gunasekara is one person who takes that challenge.

A professional hair stylist and beautician, Jeewan Gunasekara makes his customers look good by introducing them to new trends and styles.

Jeewan’s attraction to hair styles began when he was just a 16 year old in school where his friends always asked him to apply hair gel to their hair.

“One of my friends asked me to apply hair gel to his hair and I did it rather nicely. Others were impressed and everyone ask me to do the same to their hair. They felt I was very creative. Eventually I got the idea of learning about hair styles and taking it up as a career. It was however not an easy decision to make as my parents were not too happy. But that did not stop me. I started off at a barber salon but I wanted to be more creative so I left the salon I was working at, taking with me the experience I got from being a barber,” he said.

Jeewan says he learnt his skills and techniques all on his own without going learning from professionals in the industry.

“I was always looking to do something new and I wanted to experiment. I did not have a teacher. I think some skills are best developed without assistance. That was the secret to my success as a hair stylist. Whenever I have the time I would read books, surf the internet and study various trends in hair styles,” he added.

10985364_942908505720936_2036196060563657226_nBut being a hair stylist was not Jeewan’s dream job. In his early years Jeewan wanted to be a musician but his attempt to reach that goal was not successful.

“Although this is not my dream job I am blessed with what I have. I love this job very much. If we do a good job you draw praise from the people around you and that gives you personal satisfaction,” he said.

As a hair stylist, Jeewan says he focuses mostly on ladies hair styles and hair color and also works as a consultant in the industry.

Jeewan is not just a hair stylist however. He is also a model. As for the future, Jeewan says he is planning on opening his own academy on hair styles.

“I hope to launch my own academy to work with those who are interested in new hair trends,” he added.

Jeewan says the academy he has in mind, will teach people everything they need to know in the professional hair style industry including salon management. (Colombo Gazette)


    • Where does Jeewan work or have his salon Madu? Having read this article, I’d love to be able to get my hair stayled by such a talented young man,

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