Nadesan, Pulitheven’s relatives to reveal all

pulidevan-with-nadesanRelatives of LTTE leaders, including Nadesan and Pulitheven, will explain the circumstances that led to their surrender and their subsequent disappearance at a meeting to be held in Geneva on June 24, The Hindu newspaper reported.

The meeting has been jointly organised by Pasumai Thayagam, founded by PMK leader S. Ramadoss, along with the British Tamil Forum (BTF) and the United States Tamil Protection Council (USTPC).

PMK spokesperson K. Balu and Arul of the Pasumai Thayagam will participate in the meeting.

Balu said a 18,000 Tamils and their leaders surrendered in 2009 and even after six years there was no detail about their whereabouts.

“The Sri Lankan government is disregarding calls to provide a comprehensive list of detainees. A lasting peace in Sri Lanka will be achieved only by bringing to light the fate of those who surrendered,” he said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What a Travesty. THen they should equally Bring in PLANE LOADS the Relatives of the Victims of the Terrorist group responsible by these very men to give evidence of their loss. Then and only then It can be called Justice. I mean can u imagine the relatives of leaders of Al qaeda been given such a Platform who are killed by USA Drones and Special Assassination teams??? These people knew how it would end when they Joined a TERRORIST ORGANISATION.

  2. We all need to be truthful in accusing others. Thousands and thousands of Tamil people migrated to Canada, Australia, England and many other European and non-European countries. More than 95% went as refugees many cases taking the same ‘paper cutting’ to get attention from these countries. But… but the names they used were not the real names. So many Tamil people still living disguised as “fake identities”, with no passports or any other legal document from Sri Lanka.Most of the missing people in the Sri Lankan list are actually living in other countries but they do not want to go back in real name. Some Tamil families have ten members of the same family living in 5 different countries including USA, all went as Refugees. Can we do “head count” first on these people before we accuse Government.

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