Maithripala backs forming SLFP Government

01President Maithripala Sirisena today told the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) to prepare at ground level to contest the next Parliament elections and look to form an SLFP Government.

The President said this while taking part in an SLFP Youth event held at the SLFP Headquarters in Colombo.

The President said that all SLFP members must adhere to the policies of the party and only then will the future of the party look bright.

Sirisena, who won the last Presidential election with the support of the United National Party (UNP), said that the SLFP must accommodate change when going forward.

Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga was also present at the event. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Every expatriate returned from visit to SL that I have met so far of Ceylon/Sri Lankan origin have complemented about the road development activity and beautification of the land which once became a graveyard of new incomplete roads begging for money by successive UNP/SLFP regimes.
    Rajapaksa has to be complemented for it undoubtedly- he was resolute while others have proved they can only be led and lead to hunger for common folk.
    Even Singapore police state was questioned by the west at first then it accepted that the culture needs it. So is SL or it won’t survive.
    Folk have to first walk (you the nation did not let him) then run with the times

  2. SiriSena has made UNP in the winning position by splitting SLFP. Chandrika left the SLFP long ago but recently came back to claim heredity to take revenge from Rajapaksa. However, Rajapaksa has done much more than these two for the survival of SLFP, as many Sri Lankans will vote for Rajapaksa for his great success in eliminating terrorism. Therefore Sirisena’s comment on SLFP is a joke. He should not be allowed to speak on behalf of SLFP and ideally he should resign from SLFP as he has betrayed SLFP in the recent Presidential election by not getting permission to join UNP. People are pretending to help him due to his power; not because he is right.

    • rightly said chris! the woman is a bloody corrupt sniper out to spin the country backwards for her family glory while the rest hog on it.

  3. Party does not matter. The country matters.Dont go back to the thieves who stole the country(MARAS) Be united with people who respect the law, who does not steal, cheat, to make Sri Lanka a paradise.

    • Algebraic lies… in the west after the financial crash just a few have the cash (usher)- northern Europe is not broke nor is USA that can print at will.
      governments/dictators they all do it,but this combo of government is even more unpredictably greedy and could take the citizen to limbo. Singapore Lee did it for family.

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