Hotel says air quality did not cause incident

Cinnamon-Grand-ColomboThe air quality at the Oak Room of the Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Colombo did not cause the incident where guests attending a function fell sick recently,  Cinnamon Grand hotel said in a statement today.

The hotel said that it has also obtained external expert reports on the air quality systems in the function rooms which have been certified as compliant with applicable standards and ruled out as the cause of any concern.

The hotel said that it has extended its full co-operation to all investigations carried out by the regulatory authorities to ascertain the cause of the complaints.

Immediately following the incident, the Cinnamon Grand sent samples of 67 items of food and drink for expert analysis by an independent and internationally accredited laboratory.

A report received today revealed that the butter served at the function may have been the cause for concern.  Immediate steps are being taken to further investigate this matter including testing at the level of the supplier and manufacturer.

“This matter is of grave concern to us and is receiving our highest priority. Every attempt is being made to ascertain how this occurred and to ensure that an incident of this nature is avoided in the future,” the hotel said.

The statement also said that the Hotel has always adhered to the highest standards of food hygiene and environment including the ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and OHSAS 18001 and food hygiene receives top priority as the hotel serves over 5,500 meals a day at the Cinnamon Grand.

“This unfortunate incident has resulted in us reassessing all our processes and procedures once again to ensure that our standards remain the highest possible.  There has been an immediate implementation of additional measures well above the required ISO standards in processes relating to purchasing, storing and food preparation so as to safeguard against a recurrence of this incident,” the hotel added.

The Cinnamon Grand reiterated that it deeply regrets the inconvenience suffered by organizers of the event and the guests who were taken ill at the function on 12th June 2015. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. According to the earlier media reports. the hotel doctors were positive the incident had nothing to do with the food. They went on to explain that if it was food poisoning, it want be an immediate reaction on the person concerned. As many of the guests had fainted then and there. Now the story is different and something to do with the butter that was served. For a 5 star hotel they should do better than this. Its high time the hotel came up with the correct picture.Where is the big talk GM? he’s silent now. We are waiting for an immediate response on this issue.

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