Maithripala says there can be only one leader

Maithripala SirisenaPresident Maithripala Sirisena says a country can have only one leader and not two leaders.

Speaking to Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) members in Nuwara Eliya today, the President also insisted that he had no grudge with anyone in the SLFP.

Sirisena said that since he has been given the leadership of the SLFP he is keen to work with the party and take it forward.

He said the party now needs to decide if it wants to move forward or leave room for splits.

The President noted that history has shown what a split in the SLFP has done to the party.

“If anyone attempts to split this party you will be able to see who is making that attempt,” Sirisena said.

He also said that if anyone in the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) proposes that they contest the Parliament election without the SLFP then that will be seen as a betrayal to the SLFP. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. MS is elected by majority votes. By the way he is nt leader because not educated or political elite.
    But all elected politicians NOT leader of Sri lanka only few of them. MS come under that category not a leader.
    Look at Gandhi was not elected but he was leader of the people of Indian.

    MS has done nothing to liberated Sri lanka from war! Only what he did was that overnight betray SLFP Presidential Candidature and crossed over UNP and other foreign back alliance against MR led SLFP .

    That is greatest betrayal of Nation development and democracy.MS seek position than interest of nation and Party of SLFP.

    MS has undermined moral values and basic ethics of political democracy .MS is manipulated & back by minority govt. by support UNP leadership of Wichramasinghe junta. MS is almost man of UNP!

    He betray nation interest an open assist to entirely different set of policies in favor of US and EU countries and UNP?

    How can such man become leader of Nation?

    • It is never easy to understand what you mean, Mr Yatawara, but it looks as though you want to insult Maithripala Sirisena for not being “educated or political elite”.

      I must tell you, Mr Yatawara, that I see your comments often but usually give up trying to understand them because your English is so awkward. For me, too, English is a foreign language, but most people who post comments in English have taken some trouble to learn the language.

      Before you start insulting our ultra-humble President, may I suggest that you yourself get yourself some English tuition!

      A difficult business it is, counting the English mistakes in what you have written above – a minimum of thirty-six it seems to me!

  2. So then what you gonna do about your boss CBK? Can see you are giving the slip to your big boss Ponil now. You have back stabbed your former boss to create a right royal split in the party. Whither u lead SL now Maru Sira? Into the gutter, no doubt.

  3. Thanks Mr Sirisena making things very simple. You won the election by splitting the party, if not please explain who else? How come you forgot the conspiracy only 4 months ago? Did you get the party approval to contest against your leader who saved the country? You acted to split the party and most dangerously split the country. True leaders do not behave like this.

  4. I read the web pages of the newspapers from Sri Lanka now and again. My impression is that the news is mostly about “for and against the former President attempting a come back” and opposing views about the current status of the democratic system of government that is in place. As far as I can understand the government elected by the people and for the people is functioning as in any other democratic system of government. The newspapers should take the responsibility to stand firm to guarantee that disturbances about good governance will and should not be tolerated. The country has to go forwards.

  5. Sirisena is not the elected leader of the SLFP/UPFA. MR handed over the leadership to MS graciously after defeat, though MS left the party and abandoned the supporters and contested against the leader with the support of the rival party. He was deceived by the party rivals. Is’nt this the greatest betrayal? You cannot be a leader of a party if you are under obligation to your rival.

  6. Absolutely true: there should be only one leader and he should be a true leader who can face internal and external threats. A pimp cannot be a leader, even if he wins the election through trick and betrayal.

  7. If that is the case, you are responsible for the fiasco. While holding an important ministerial portfolio under the previous government you plotted to overthrow its leader creating havoc in the SLFP. Then the SLFP MPs who crossed over created another fiasco. MS should take a full responsibility to the current affairs of SLFP for double crossing the party under the banner of good governess. None of the charges brought against the former ministers are material what was publicised during the election. They are flimsy charges just to harass them.

    • I agreed with an earlier comment of yours.

      I totally disagree with this. Maithri commented eloquently on this subject when he said that he risked all when he decided to contest the Presidency. The precedent of the treatment received by Sarath Fonseka was there for all to see. And in what country were you living all these years? Surely, we know that lots of people were murdered because it didn’t suit the Jarapaksas that they should live.

      There was no other way that Rajapaksa could have been defeated, although I do wish that things like “Bondgate” did not happen later – but that surely is a different matter, which must be dealt with.

      The betrayers were lesser men who had won seats with votes which they ceased to represent because they wanted Ministerial portfolios. Can’t you understand that Maithri crossed over to contest an election which many of you felt that he would lose? I can tell you that there are some in my own family who voted for Rajapaksa on January 8th, but are now horrified when they realise the scale of the corruption that existed a year ago.

      There are those who feel that Maithri is weak, that he’s not asserting himself enough. Well, it seems to me that he’s just begun correcting that in Nuwara-Eliya. In my family nobody dictates how the members should vote, but I can tell you that all votes are now going to Maithri (unless we have to do some strategic voting for the UNP or even the JVP) and none to the Rajapaksa family.

      “Sinhala Man” is not a racist; MaRa is!

    • Absolutel.y. Nawaz He even contested under the Swan symbol. The. Splitting of the. Party began when that happened.

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