Mahinda says he is not communal minded

mahindarajapaksheFormer President Mahinda Rajapaksa insisted that he is not communal minded nor does he encourage hate against another religion.

However he said he will never deny the fact that he is a Sinhalese or that he is a Buddhist.

“But I respect all other religions and I respect all communities. That is something Buddhism taught me,” he said.

The former President said this while speaking at an event held in Kandy with the participation of some Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) members.

Rajapaksa said that genuine SLFP members were with him and insisted that he never created a rift in the party like some top SLFP members. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Buddhism was born out of Prince Siddhartha, yet there are no known descendants from his family. Prince Siddhartha was endowed with all know pleasures as he was the heir to the throne of his father who was the king. He was married and had son as well

    Why did he abandon his princely life still remains a mystery. He secretly left the palace and went to far away place and took his place among other sages
    under the thick foliage tree commonly known as ‘BO’ tree which protected anyone under it from sun or rain.

    Even today, the birth place of Buddhism in Nepal is second to Hinduism so as in India.
    Buddhism in Sri Lanka was well respected in the past
    because there were less monks who were highly dedicated unlike the monks of today who wear the saffron robes for personal gains.

    Buddhism has become a rich culture due to the enormous land area they control wherever there is a Buddhist temple. worst is when you ignore a sapling that usually grows anywhere and once it grows up one cannot cut it due to fanatism and soon a small statue would appear under the tree with oil lamps and gradually the piece of land becomes a Buddhist temple
    property. Buddhist temples are also a meeting place
    to make peace between warring factions, boy meet girl and marriage matchmakers bringing parties together.
    Buddhist monks are also into business and crime and one even point blankly killed a prime minister.
    The current state of affairs in Sri Lanka is that there are more monks than is required. out of this large number, most are fanatics and radicals which is against the teachings of the great man. Due to this there will infighting amongst the monks from the various nikayas they represent and will bring shame to a philosophy which is based on compassion , kindness and peace which in turn will lose the respect Buddhism hold in the minds of Buddhists and non Buddhists.

  2. With every speech that Mahinda Rajapakse makes, he is convincing his subjects that he is a card carrying hypocrite. Buddhism is simple and logical and the most peaceful on earth. But neither the Rajapakses nor their protege Rev. Gnanasara Thera are genuine Buddhists violating the basic tenets with hate for other religions and communities.

  3. Can MR back to power ?

    Well he came in by chance of LTTE’s prevention of voting by Tamils up North. He went out by the same chance by calling election two years early.

    Now he is trying to be PM before the September UNHCR report to escape any negative effects. But MY3 is sitting tight and won’t call election at least until September.

    Presidency is a powerful office and MR knows that well and when MY3 had enough with troubles that MR and his supporters creates, he will start using those powers and then all his support base will disappear.

    Basically MY3 is being trained and tested by MR on how to use the Power.

  4. The whole world knows that Mahinda Rajapaksa wasn’t honest with his people while he was in the office. However, he has no remorse for his dishonesty, yet people are willing to give him a second chance. On the other hand Sinhalese people have Ranil, and Tamils don’t have leaders. What a sad story for Sri Lanka after thirty years of brutal war. This is a sad story of Sri Lanka and South Asia.

  5. It is well known. But when one is in SL Poltics you have to at pretend as a communalist. Sri Lankans are generally united, non communalists, except for political game of leaders to come to power.

  6. But you did not born as Buddhist but converted into that. As such we Buddhist have our reservation.

    • Spot on. Since independence, from John Kothalawala, SWRD Banda and his offsprings, Don Stefen Senanayaka, Dudly Senanayaka, Julia’s Richard Jeyawardene to Mahinda Percy Rajapakse are all claimed and claiming they are Buddists than the Buddists only to go against its preaching.

      True Buddists leaders that the country seen are, Premadasa, DB Wijeyathunga and MY3.

  7. Buddhism has one of the most peaceful teachings in the world. Many western countries embrace Buddhism due to it’s good qualities. Although President Sirisena shows off as a Buddhist, he did lie to public during election campaign and still doing it. Sri Lanka cannot have a “lier” as a president just because he is supported by West.

    • I am a Hindu but I love like respect teachings of Buddha mainly hate greed delusions illusions of the human race.

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