UNP decides to contest Parliament polls alone

UNPThe United National Party (UNP) has decided to contest the Parliament elections independently, a UNP member said.

The decision was taken when the UNP Working Committee met today to discuss the election.

The Working Committee decided to allow the party leader to appoint a nominations board to select the UNP candidates to contest the election.


  1. If this happens, it is certain destruction for the UNP because the votes against the opposition will be divided into many factions while the opposition remains in solidarity.

  2. UNP just temporary breaking away from MS, just to split SLFP votes into two, once election over MS and Ranil will joined together to form a so called national government

  3. UNP is/ was political party almost base on colonial legacy in their political heredity that colonial-capitalism and depended democracy;,that mostly identify with nexus of upper-middle and big-bourgeoisies and Foreign Capitalist , since its Independence 1948.Time has change but UNP has not change it policies at all.

    UNP rule and its governances of under leadership of Ranil .W…1994 the party programmed and policies adopted represtaitaive of colonial class structure & vested interest western power of hegomoinism.

    The UNP under Ranil. W..ledership a definite political tendency is attributed to this theory English colonial or Neo-Liberalism, which is indeed possible trend can only be serve Aristocratic capitalism certainly not that democratic of people’s oriented- Parliamentary system.

    UNP-ranil W.. want re-colonization our Land & sovereignty to be surrender to US, UK and Indian powers by hook or crook.

    Under UNP regime since 1977 to 1994 JRJ surrender Sri Lanka’s sovereignty to Indian big power hegomoinism by agreed for 1987 Indo-Sri lanka accorded.

    By that time JRJ’s -UNP leadership, that Indian army occupied by IPKF being to our soli. They made demarcation line of North-East land for ‘Tamil separatist of Terrorist ‘by the , result of that undermined Terroritoril Integrity and sovereignty of
    Sri lanka in first time ours 2600 history of ours civilization.

    This is a historical tragedy of Our country , which UNP party become betray entire nation, that in the first time modern political democracy history since
    1948-Sri lanka.

    2001 UNP-Ranil.W.. so-called peace agreement with LTTE ,he promised to that demarcated and surrender North-East land for Tamil-Terrorists by separatist state.
    De facto UNP-Ranil accepts Tamil rough state .

    Until 2009 MR led SLFP national alliance defeated Tamil ruthless LTTE outfit, it peace accord was in that effect.

    National forces led by Mahianda Rajapakkes of SLFP who liberated whole Nation from Tamil Terrorist and clutches of Seperatraism THE PEOPLE OF SRI LANKA.

    He was one and only leader is Hero of ALL Sri Lankan, he who restoration of DEMOCRACY AFTER END 30 YEARS WAR AGAINST TAMIL-TERROSRIM NORTH AND SOUTH OF JVP.

    The irrespective of all differences of politics ,culture and ethnics prevailing in Sri lanka, we as nation respect to him as National leader of Sri Lank-Mahinda Rjapakasa.

    Country, Nation and people of Sri Lankan need MR to be accomplished unfinished mission undertaken by our future generation come into being.

    UNP of Ranil.w…again want undermine Unitary character of State of Sri lanka by encouraging
    so-called Federalism in north for Tamils and east for Muslim religion and Upcountry encouraged Tamil political parities South.

    Current UNP-Ranil policy and their history of divided an Island had been proved, nation was split on Racial and Religion basis to suited to according to Western political agenda of US & UK; which he (UNP) want fulfill strategically that vested interest of US pivot Asian hegemonies’ expanaism policies.

    UNP-Ranil W.. led party is lackey of forewing power interest, not that the INTEREST OF SUSTSNABILITY OF DEMOCRACY AND DEVELOPMENT OF PEOPLE OF SRI LANKA.

  4. I am 100% sure UNP will never contest alone because they know very well that if Ranil contest alone He will not win a good number of seats. Therefore, like in the past presidential election at the last movement UNP will decide to get together with My3’s section of SLFP and other small parties like Muslim congress, Digambaran, Mano Ganeshan, Bdurdden, Fonseka and even with Hela Urumaya and Contest under the Swan simble. There main opponents will be MR’s section of SLFP. In the mean time My3 will block MR in getting either the Chair or Beetle leaf simble.

    • Old codgers like me are still wary of the JVP, but don’t write them off. The present leaders have been impressively straightforward for more than a decade, and I would expect many an under 40 voter to turn to them.

      The Old Order has to make way . . . “lest one good custom should corrupt the world”.

  5. Sirisena has already broken the SLFP into pieces now. He did not stop by becoming the president but kept stirring the “mud pot” to tarnish the characters of key SLFP politicians as instructed by Tamil Diaspora. Some SLFPers with UNP, some cannot face the world due to character assassination, some have been given “ministerial positions” to break from Mahinda, and small amount with him due to Sirisena’s power only not to his quality. Majority of SLFPers are with Rajapksa although Sirisena is reluctant to accept. Therefore Sirisena has created an unique opportunity for UNP to win the election alone.

    • Sadly, Its true. The problem is that Mahinda shouldn’t have came back to politics by attending the rally which will put entire SLFP in danger and giving advantageous to UNP to win the election easily.

      Even S.B Dissanayake said that SLFP will be defeated in the upcoming election, He is an SLFPER and he knows that the party is broken now and no way for them to win the election…

      • Thanks, Mohamed for refining Sarath’s comment, which I’m sure is an honest one.

        However, I haven’t lost hope in Maithri, and I would most vehemently contest the charge that he has been “instructed by (the) Tamil Diaspora”. I’ve heard Maithri himself speak of the fact that there are “many Diasporas”, some of which he will engage with. Let us not forget that there is a huge Sinhalese Diaspora. We must show greater sophistication in bandying this word around.

        As for the elections, the signs are propitious for the UNP, but should we, who have reservations with its programme, not show sufficient maturity to work democratically to temper some of the excesses of capitalism?

        Far too many knee-jerk reactions, I fear.

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