TULF resolution extends support to Maithri

Maithripala SirisenaThe Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF), has in a resolution, agreed that President Maithripala Sirisena should be given all support to re-establish democracy in the country and to rule, providing equal opportunities for all ethnic groups, to live in peace and amity as free citizens of Sri Lanka.

In the resolution, the TULF stated that it also strongly believes that the disunity between the TULF and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) had seriously affected the welfare of the Tamil speaking people and had distanced the chances of finding solutions for their problems.

The TULF called on the TNA to come back to their senses and provide strong united and honest leadership for which the TULF will give full backing.

“No party or an individual can claim credit for the change of Head of the state and not change of Government as wrongly understood by many. The change of Head of the state was spontaneous and is only a prelude to the real drama to take place soon with the anticipated General Election. There are many demands coming from various places. The Present Head of the state should be given full backing to enable him to gain full strength and take decisions firmly. The TULF urges the TNA leadership to caution its members about their utterances or earn the blame of missing the last opportunity that came on its own,” the resolution said.

The TULF also accused the  TNA of insulting India by declaring to accept South African mediation for the ethnic problem.

“With all respect to the South African Government, we should tell them that we will gladly consider adapting the South Africa’s Bill of Rights. But India had been taking a lot of interest in solving our problem, from the time of Hon. Madam Indra Gandhi. It lost a Prime Ministerial candidate at the time of his assassination and hundreds of soldiers in Sri Lanka. India’s assistance for rehabilitation and resettlement still continue and in the process of considering further assistance,” the TULF resolution stated.

The TULF also warned the concerned parties to find an early solution for the problems the fishing community is facing both in India and Sri Lanka saying failing to do so may result in unpleasant developments taking place in the future that will mainly strain the relationship between the two Nations, with hardliners taking the upper hand. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The TULF is a toothless tiger. It is not as powerful as when Thanthai Selva (S. J. V. Chelvanayakam) was a leader. My father was a secretary for Thanthai selva. When Amirthalingam gave green light to Prabhakaran my father thought Amirthalingam lost his mind to approve Prabhakaran to fight for Tamils freedom who had no education or experience in politics. Amirthalingam told my father that he was creating a monster to scare Sinhalese. But my father told Amirthalingam that if the monster can scare the majority Sinhalese, have you ever thought what it would do to minority Tamils? Due to this statement Amirthalingam made a comment that my father become a traitor instead of fighting for freedom. That day my father resigned from the TULF, and informed to the Tamil media that he would like to follow Singaporeans’ and African Americans” way of nonviolence method. But the TULF leaders and Tamil media haven’t allowed the story to come out. Still Tamils do not know that they had better leaders to fight humanely for Tamils freedom. Please note that the TULF leaders who called my father was a traitor all got shot and killed by the monster. Last night I went for a political meeting at Jaffna library. Mr Vikramabahu Karunaratne was the main speaker. I met him and apologized on behalf all decent Tamils for the distraction and agony caused to Sinhalese people by foolish and crazy Tamils’ who took arms.

  2. A person defines “Hitlerism”as whipping up race, tribe or ethnicity of a people, to hate another people, and occupy their land militarily to degrade, oppress, murder and exterminate them.

    Sri Lanka(SL) practiced “Hitlerism”, against Tamils for nearly 50 years. The purpose was to carry out Holocaust and genocide.

    The comparison below reveals the truth of it;

    1. Adolf Hitler used “Äriyan Supremacy”. The Sinhalese used “Sinhala Supremacy”.

    2. “Jews are a threat” told Hitler. The “Tamils are a threat” tell the Sinhalese, to do military occupation.

    3. SL made Tamils lose dignity and self respect by anti-Tamil attitude and violence. Hitler used the same method against the Jews to carry out holocaust.

    4. Hitler took away the freedom of Jewish people and justice was denied to them. Anti Sematic attitude amongst the Germans was encouraged and not punished. The same was done to the Tamil people in SL.

    5. Hitler told lies, cheated Jews and took them to genocidal points such as concentration camps and gas chambers. SL had barbed wire fenced detention camps and “no fire zone” to cheat Tamil people to death.

    6. SL introduced to the Sinhalese people, a school curriculum of racist ego boosting Sinhala myths, as true history, in a manner Hitler did to the Germans.

    7. Jews ran away to other countriea to escape death. Tamils fled to other countries to escape from genocide.

    Therefore, an internal inquiry by the Sinhalese, who enforced Hitlerism can never be credible.

    Prince Al Hussein, the chief of UNHRC is taking the much desired steps to bring criminals who committed war crimes and genocde to justice in SL and eradicate Hitlerism in SL and in ISIS.

  3. Thanks, TULF, for understanding the needs of the hour. The time for hard bargaining will come – after the “anticipated General Election”.

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