Kshenuka Seneviratne cleared of allegations

KshenukaFormer Foreign Secretary Kshenuka Seneviratne has been cleared of allegations raised against her and as a result has also been cleared to be appointed as Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Thailand.

Seneviratne had been accused of handing over the renovation of the Sri Lankan Embassy in Geneva to a construction company with alleged LTTE links, while she was serving as Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Geneva.

The allegations resulted from a Management Audit Report of 30 April 2012, following an Audit carried out from 13-14 February 2012, by a four member team entirely comprising officials from the Ministry of Finance, headed by D. Vidanagamachchi, the then Deputy Secretary to the Treasury.

The Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs later appointed D.H.B. Edirisinghe, a retired Sri Lanka Accountants’ Service Commissioner as the Investigating Officer, in accordance with Section 13 of Chapter XLVIII of the Establishment Code with the facilitation of the Public Service Commission to investigate the case.

The investigation into the allegations found that the person alleged to have had links with the LTTE at the time Seniviratne was Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Geneva, was not an LTTE member as alleged and was not listed as a designated person for terrorism links under the UNSCR 1373.

The Report following the investigation was submitted to the Committee on High Posts of the Parliament and to the National Executive Council.

Mrs. Senewiratne was requested to present herself before the Committee on High Posts on Friday 12 June 2015. The Committee, having examined the Investigation Report, found Mrs. Senewiratne suitable to hold the post of Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the Kingdom of Thailand. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Kshenuka..hah…I do not want to waste my words. She is not suitable for any post except flirting with males. Her new is C Thalpahewa another pervert

    • Yes yes we heard during a state visit of the then president to Maldives, CT and kshenuka have had great fun at CT’s residence and hotel. she came from UNP and changes her colours to suite the situ.

  2. I thought Kshenuka came from the UNP background. She did work hard for the country as a diplomat in London High Commission.

  3. Our Diplomatic Service is sullied with people being appointed upon who they know and not on any merit. Kshenuka, a Rajapakse cohort, has already shown she has no skills or diplomacy but treachery as shown how she conspired to oust the capable and much experienced Dr. Nonis from the London mission.

  4. When former Rakjaksa officials are prosecuted, it’s justice. When they are investigated and cleared of allegations it’s a whitewash.

    What’s the difference ?

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