Gazette notice published on 20th Amendment

195The Gazette notice on the 20th Amendment to the constitution has been published, the Government Printer said.

The cabinet, which met for a special session last Friday, had agreed on a new proposal for electoral reforms via the 20th Amendment to the constitution.

Accordingly the cabinet agreed to a proposal by President Maithripala Sirisena for a 237 seat Parliament.

The 237 seats will be divided into 145 members elected via the First-Past-The-Post system, 55 via the Proportional Representation system and 37 from the National List.

Some minor parties had threatened to take legal action if the 20th Amendment to the constitution is approved in its current form. (Colombo Gazette)

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  1. At last the 20A is in gazette after so much of leg pulling, arm pushing pulling by the thakkadiya filled opposition politician. Lucky for them for a democratic minded and patient president. The my3 and an equally patient PM Ranil…….tho addressed by that old vattakka vasu as “umba” in parliament he went scot free without a needful reprimand. Imagine if MR was head……that old vattakkas fate would be un imaginable?
    A lesson for the government nevet to appoint such old party stragglers and thakkadi infivduals as the vattakka vasu,kaivaru wimal, turncoatx2 gamman and brickbatting Dinesh……pray the paper will go thro soon after 30th june

  2. great preparation pf 20th amendment.but reduce the no of MPs to 125. no rep from national list,just adding pin gonas, who don’t have any allegiance to the public taxpaying citizen.reduce all perks no luxury vehicles. the majority of MPs solely from UNP.other haalparuwas from slfp like sirpala yapa abeywardena,mahinda amaraweera,and other clamouring to raise their heads to a luxrious life should be abandoned. what we want as MPs are personalities like Maithripala Ranil, Karu , Ravi akila navin,and the rest of the UNPers and an educated young ones from the SLFP. all other hora thakakadiyas like malicious dinesh Old fool vasu,kunu wimale,froglipped gembanpila and the rest of alibaba’s horu, who haven’t got thru their o/ls even. .. all money making hawks, who know how to accumulate poor tax payer’smoney for thier existence should be deleted forever. take to parliament all the the young MPs. who are educated and trustworthy and loyal to the poor citizen.

  3. Why not get rid of the national list and instead elect more from proportional representation giving preference to female candidates.That is what we need;more women and more women ministers.

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