Chinese military delegation in Sri Lanka

At_SLMA_1A Chinese military delegation is in Sri Lanka to review the construction of a Chinese funded auditorium complex at the Sri Lanka Military Academy, the army media unit said.

The 6 member delegation, headed by Major General Cheng Jiang, Political Commissar of Department of Military Training of General Staff Headquarters of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) visited the Sri Lanka Military Academy at Diyatalawa today.

The delegation had talks with Major General Mano Perera, Commander of the Army Training Command (ARTRAC) and Brigadier R.W.W.A.D.B. Rajaguru, the Commandant of the Sri Lanka Military Academy.

The army media unit said that the visiting Chinese delegation had a lengthy discussion with those engaged in the construction project which was a long felt requirement of the Sri Lanka Military Academy. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The Americans are much more in debt to China than us a hundred times over, but they hold all the trump cards. Firstly, China has to import her oil which is paid in US$ from wherever they come. China has to earn it while USA just has to print it. America found the Chinese currency artificially appreciated and compelled them to depreciate which made their imports expensive but exports cheaper.

  2. Sirisena and Ranil used anti-China slogans to win the election, why now embracing China without giving credit to Rajapaksa?. Sirisena and Ranil are like double tongue lizards, no policy in politics.

  3. Thanks to the Rajapakse government, we are under much obligation to the Chinese and I will not be surprised if the Chinese demand to install a military base in Colombo or Trincomalee. The repercussions are too dire to contemplate.

    • we find all sorts of nonsensical rules of etiquette.!

      Only the Chinese can have their boots safely in the Opium valley of Afghanistan that poses a threat to Russia, china and less towards the west.

      The Chinese know what it was to lose beloved Hong Kong likewise the poor farmer who is being blessed with `saffron` in lieu from China who don’t fancy it in their own diet.

      Even the Indians love Chinese money and technological input inclusive of British Rover.

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