SLFP forms committee to unite Maithri, MR

MR_MY3The Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) has formed a committee to unite President Maithripala Sirisena and former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The committee was formed when the SLFP met with President Maithripala Sirisena in Colombo today. At the meeting it was proposed that Sirisena and Rajapaksa should work together to ensure the SLFP wins the Parliament elections.

President Maithripala Sirisena had agreed to the proposal and formed a committee to look at ways both can work together in the party. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. When i have talled my friends who voted for MR in 2015 election that MR will get defeat by 400,000 votes if voters turn out is more than 70% in north, east & Nuwareliya they got angry with me same way when i am saying to my UNP friends that the UNP vote base is only 2.3 million while SLFP vote base is 4.8 million they will get angry with me.these are the truth .when we are using state power or not people have to vote . These are basic mathematics can prove the truth.what ever says we have to face the truth

  2. Mathrieepala Sirisena after elected President of Republic of Sri lanka 2015 January 9 ,he want wrong track of democratic norms of that undermined Constitutional guaranteed path.

    His political act of democracy has very beginning foul play in order of guide line of Democracy constitutional approved by People’s mandate.

    MS has give mandate and verdict to restore ‘ Good governance and rule of Law’ by the guidance of Republic constitutions. Not beyond that.

    There was deficit of rule of democracy according past rule of Governance by MR ruling alliance ;yes that has to be re-consider ,re-address and re-order by MS regime headed UNP-Ranil.W.. and CBK led right wing coalition politics .

    What these click did, MS has an appoint of Primer as Minority party leader in the Parliament head of government then passed Executive power to UNP-Ranil.W… UNP has no sovereignty mandate to run Republic government.

    Which is t hat violated constitution, of Sri lanka, as well as principally discarded Right of elected rulers by majority Votes. This where that MS laid foundation for JUNTA RULE without consent of People elected represtantitive by Voters mandate.

    MS travel more JUNTA path by removed and an appoint of Chief Justice by abusing and misusing Presidential executive power ,over constitutional procedure.
    He ignored all democratic norms Independence of Judiciary using unauthorized power an appoint CJ was constitutionally illegal; and fate of the victims a powerful issue of politics of democracy ,with far-reaching effect on the good governance and rule of law, that we want public discussion this matter.

    Act of MS ruling policy of CJ and independence of judiciary ultimately lost the on the voting majority, as well as lost main pillar of champions of democracy.

    The detractor of democracy of MS junta seemed to have been quite we are willing to express their diagnosis of what we see as serious tension between democracy and right to good governances,& rule of law by Junta rule.

    We have to pay particular attention to both content of what can called development of JUNTA RULE and to the interpretation of democracy by MS, UNP-Ranil.W.. and CBK-SLFP.

    Current the problem is that unity between MS and MR of SLFP OR ALLIANCE or else , we have come to assessment democracy and JUNTA RULE run by MS junta regime.

    • Your intension is clear. Don’t think everyone has come from another world. We all know what the Rajapaksa gang did and how they did. You may have to explore little further to understand what you mean by ” Junta”. We want fair and just society for all . From whom we can trust. Not from corrupted gangsters or murderers!

  3. Maithreepla , the Mr . president must remember we ask for change. Not a change with same corrupted gang. If he want to go with all those corrupted , those who rejected by the people on January 08,2015 , I dont think we have anything to do with a such person. All those who votedyou are not SLFP ers. All those supported you consider you as a nuetrel candidate. But now you want to be a party leader and corrupted gang aroundyou. We never thought about all those people around you. They ara able to secure corrupted deals again. Dissolve this corrupted parliament as soon as possible and pave the way for peoples choice!

  4. Sirisena finally realised the damage done to party and the harmony of Sri Lanka. He betrayed his own leader by playing hide & seek until last moment and the SLFP party by joining UNP. It is unlikely a person of this caliber will be honest for Sri Lanka. Uniting with Rajapaksa will not fix everything he damaged but it will give some assurance to his life when he leaves the presidency at the end of his time.

    • Take My3s 6.2million vote he got ,among that 6. 2 million,2.1 million are the Tamil Muslim votes contributed by ,TNA , SLMC , Digambaram, rishard badiyudeen and all other Tamil Muslim parties . Balance 4.1 million, at least 1.1 million were contributed by JVP , JHU , and fonsekas party in entire srilanka. Balance is 3.1 million includes UNP votes, floating votes ,fresh voters votes ( there is a fact 900,000 fresh voters were casted their first vote for My3 last time. When annalizing the entire picture There is a cristal clear fact that UNP vote base is only 2.3 million in srilanka. This was confirmed when you analyzing past general& provincial council results.But SLFP vote base is 4.8 million votes and Mahinda has a Monopoly vote base of the business community as well as the educated professionals etc of 1 million in srilanka then the total comes as 5.8 million votes. UNP knows this fact that is why they are talking about the national government.They will get defeat in 16 districts if they are going for the General elections.
      Reason They called for the early election is when there going for the election without mahinda SLFP voters turn out is very low say if it is 50%, in that point SLFP will get half of his vote base then there is a close fight with SLFP. If mahinda enters, for the reputation he earns in war winning ,economical development & made the srilanka as well developed country due to this if SLFP entire 4.8 million vote base came to polling booth SLFP definite will win the election with more than 130 seats.
      ( we are not astrologers but facts can show the real picture, before 2015 presidential election one of my educated friend had asked me what will happen in this election i talled him if north east and Nuwereliya voters turn out is more than 70% My3 will win the election with 400,000 majority votes . It is not an astrological prediction this is the real picture by analyzing facts.

      • Sorry to interupt to you analyis. If so ask them to go for a general election to win. It is very simple. Only thing they dont want a election. Rajapaksa gang misuse state resources and its power to obtain 5.8 million votes . The opposition never had such advantege before. Will see in the future.

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