NPC writes to President on Vavuniya GA

CVK-Sivagnanam1The Northern Provincial Council (NPC) has written to President Maithripala Sirisena requesting the urgent transfer of the Government Agent of Vavuniya, out of the District.

C.V.K. Sivagnanam, the Chairman of the NPC, in a letter to the President, notes that all of five Members of the Provincial Council from the Vavuniya District presented a copy of a letter addressed to the President signed by them and three Members of Parliament from the Vavuniya District at the sittings held in March and moved that the Council request the President to transfer the Government Agent Vavuniya, out of the District.

“This was unanimously agreed and since there was no action, the Members of the Northern Provincial Council, cutting across party lines, walked into the well of the Chamber and stood in protest opposite me immediately after the 30th Sessions started on 09.06.2015. I told them that I will pursue this matter with Your Excellency and the TNA leaders and requested them to go back and take their seats .They complied with it after expressing their views,” the NPC Chairman said in the letter to the President.

Sivagnanam told the President in the letter that ignoring the request made earlier is purely a matter of breach of privilege and disrespect to the elected representatives of the people.

He also noted that the issue has nothing to do with one community, because the NPC members who protested are from the Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala communities and so he urged the President to immediately transfer the Government Agent of Vavuniya out of that District. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. An earlier report said that reason for the removal of GA was being disrestpectful to Council members. What kind of special pooja they are expecting.? We as a Social Service Organization had the opportunity of working with the GA for the last 3 years. We found him to be a dedicated sincere and a fair minded person who treat all communities equally He is unaasuming, simple and easy to approach/deal with. Such an officer do not have to go on kneels before the politicians. Public Servants come under the Executive branch of governing. They are independence of other branches of the government. The problem in this country is that politicians wants to do every thing and incharge of every thing. In the process they have ruined this country. Respect you have to earn. You cannot demand.
    You politicians leave the GA who is doing a good job of work alone. Hope the President will deal with the politicians but not the GA.

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