Zeid wants mechanisms in place by September

ZeidThe UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein says he expects mechanisms for accountability and reconciliation to be in place in Sri Lanka ahead of the September session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Making a statement on the opening day of the 29th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva today, Al Hussein said that the new Government in Sri Lanka has passed a constitutional amendment which, if implemented appropriately, brings renewed hope for democracy and the rule of law.

He said that the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) will remain very engaged in discussions with the Sri Lankan authorities on the need for transparent and inclusive processes to develop credible mechanisms for accountability and reconciliation, ahead of his report to the September session.

“I encourage the Government to consult broadly with all political parties, civil society, and above all victims and their families, to ensure full national support and ownership of these processes,” he added.

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein is scheduled to present a report on Sri Lanka in September based on an investigation conducted on the war in Sri Lanka.

The new Government had ensured the report was delayed till September from March this year by assuring that it will address accountability issues over the war through a domestic mechanism. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Oi Zaid,

    What about in your own part of the world… ie. SAUDI ARABIA ! The middle Eastern countries ARE the biggest violators of Human Rights…Human dignity..

  2. We are a Sinhala Budhist nation and why should we bow down to this Fundamantal Hubaya and let us ask him to mind his business.

    He is also trying spread his fanatical Islam to make our Sinhala Budhist land a Marakkala land. Let us get rid of all the Thumby influence from our country.

    Please come and support the BBS to celebrate the centenary of 1915.

  3. “Zeid is no difference to Pillai, both dancing to American music.”

    Knowing that stop singing “Biala” and put some American Music.

  4. Thousands of innocent Tamil and Sinhalese people were killed by Tamil Tiger Terrorists and whole world knows this. So called Global Tamil Forum or GTF openly say they are the sole LTTE representative, continuing from where LTTE stopped. Why this UNCHR not laying charges against these illegal organisations? UNCHR Office should be moved to a different country every 5 years or so, to provide impartial service to the Humanity. UNCHR has a responsibility to stop innocent people becoming victims and not chasing governments who finished the war to bring peace.

    • srilanka from 1956 onwards communal country,towards the minority. the minority was not given jobs ,economic difficult ,university entrance no place, government job has no chance, these mandates for politicians can easy win the election .sinhala only langue was the official langue .even tamils pass the Sinhala exam no chance as a tamil. the miniority tamils took gun against the majority. in the democratic country ,some what UK was take the blame for indepented given with out proper method. family politicsSWRD Bandarnaka family ruling with communal administration.then mr Rajaska family with out education communal mandate won the election.ms Sonia ganthi not in politics LTTE indra ganthi trained in india. . mr Rajave ganthi became a prime minister interfear in srilanka politics,and given orders to LTTE leader mr Praba.he was summand to india. mr Rajave was nasty with mr Praba. it was flair against tamils in Jaffna there home land,indian congress leader ms Sonia help the mr Rajapaska to killed the paraba.prime inister mr Singh was main cost for operation against tamils in Jaffna, then foreign minister and present governer came to srilanka and stayed in indian house in Colombo gave assistance to srilanka government,money ,meterals,arms, chemical lpowder, and killed the LTTE and tamils are LTTE.mr Rajapaska president sibling got chance to killed after the civial war 2009 killed Rape all school girls wemen and jailed.destoroyed the tamils property with mr Parab children,one hundred thousand was killed. even today some place in Jaffna army Rape girls and denied.mr Rajapaska was not allowed foreign countries to inter fear in srilanka matters. he told the Colombo UN office to close down,.

      • In 1977 GCE Advanced level exams Tamil candidates who sat for Zoology, were given full marks in the answer scripts even without any word written in the given space. This issue went to courts but no action was taken by then government. In recent HSC exams too a large number of Tamil medium applicants got very high marks, so someone needs to check whether these are real marks for University entrance. It is unfair to say Tamils are always unfairly treated, as it is not the real picture.

  5. Zeid is no difference to Pillai, both dancing to American music. Is there any country in the world that UNCHR has brought peace?

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